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I’m currently in a funk. No one seems to understand my pain. I’m told to just get up and walk it off. I’ve know been put on Lisinopril and referred to a pain clinic where they told me vigorous exercise and Tai Chi will help??? My friend said he couldn’t be with me anymore because I put on 20 pounds during the start of Covid to now. I’m feeling really depressed everything seems to be going against me lately. I know GOD will pull be through once again but when???
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain . #Anxietydepression
#tiredofcovid #mylifesucks

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I wonder if we all forgot?#wheresyourmask #COVID19SUCKS #

I wonder if it’s me?I read up on Corona and had the swab test three weeks ago. I have metestatic stg IV breast cancer currently growing again now not just bones and breast but liver. I have fought so long and hard to live. I am just so angry to see numbers rising again in my part of my state. Before protests, I drove through three socio economic neighborhoods to get to the main coast, a beautiful day. My community working class condos I saw 80% wearing masks , middle class and university town same a bit higher 85% wearing masks including kids on scooters, 20 somethings walking back to apartments, people in cars. I reached the most exclusive town and NOBODY! Was wearing a mask! The ONLY ones wearing them were food servers I noticed as I passed! I ask myself why? What is the big deal about wearing a mask to keep people you love safer? To me I believe the people with more money live in fantasy land and feel they are immune! Our beaches were opened over memorial weekend, other counties flooded our county because ours was not bright enough to keep them closed. Tonight people on certain news ch. were speaking about BLM protests and the close proximity all the protesters kept. I promise our state, like Fl. will shoot up again. I’m upset because these adults see and know people dying of this Monster. I had a man write a note in general that if you are 60 and older OR HAVE a weakened immune system it’s not the rest of our country to stop enjoying life because of “us” we the ill ones or elderly should stay in. This is the problem, like me, everybody else is safe! #tiredofcovid #IamsickCovid Karen’s