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    The wrong treatment

    I’m from Brazil, and I’m struggling to learn something in English cause the treatment in USA is way much better than from here, unfortunaly.
    Last week a child (who was my friend) has died because she didn’t get the acess to our basical medications, her mother was crying and begging for someone help her, and the doctors doesn’t want to help her. Actuality... the doctors does tried to help her child, but they didn’t know how to do it properly. She was telling all the time that she wants to do the transplant or just get in into the list, but the doctor denied and said that it was bullshit. Unfortunaly she passed away...
    Yesterday I started to talk with a young boy who is in the same situation, and doesn’t receive his medications. Not even Creon!!! And he is too poor to buy all the medicines by himself. I donated my treatment but it won’t help forever.
    There’s a lot of these cases, and this make me gone wild.
    I’m praying that Trikafta get here quickly cause I don’t know if I will survive until my transplant, and I was hoping that Trikafta saves me for a few years to the surgery, but if a lot of people w CF aren’t getting their treatments, can you imagine how long Trikafta will be late? I’m so worried.
    Sorry for the terrible English, Im trying to learn. ♥️ #Trikafta #CysticFibrosis #LungTransplant

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    Trikafta day two..

    So I started Trikafta yesterday and let me tell you I have been coughing up some stuff! I've seen people say how this new medcation is such a life changing drug and how people notice such a big difference in three days. Honestly I couldn't believe it. I could not wrap my mind on how two pills in the morning and one at night could do so much in such a short amount of time.. but now I see it. I'm experiencing it. and honestly I cant wait to see my status when I reach a fullweek one. #Trikafta #CysticFibrosis