× " Ever Since I Was 6 Year's Old I Have Had Six Major Surgerie's On My Leg's.. And Since Then I Have Been Living With Chronic Severe Pain... My Childhood Doctor Mulitated My Leg's My Tendon's Are Sliced Shorter And My Bone's Feel Un Even... Everytime I Stretch Or Excerise I Feel Like I'm Pulling Something Too Far. That It Hurt's. So I Alway's Pace Myself Trying Not To Over Do Alot... Like At My Job... But They Don't Seem To Really Care As Long As I'm Doing Everything That Other People Are Supposed To Be Doing Also. All Of My Co-worker's Only Speak Spanish... I Speak Both Language's Flulently... These Ladie's Get Away With Not Helping Customer's Or Learning How To Run The Register. I Don't Mean To Be Critical But If You're Working On A Visa Type Job And Want To Have A Better Life Here. In The State's Then Please Learn Our Language. ENGLISH... It Could Help Out And Make Thing's Better. Note: This Is Only My Opinion Nothing More... I Love My Job Sometime's But My Brain Can't Process Thing's Fast Enough And That Frustrate's People That I Work With Now. They Think That I'm Dumb And Stupid... But That's Not True I'm Just Different At Learning Thing's Slowly Than Other's. And People Don't Get Me. " × #Depression ☆☆ S. K. ☆☆