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    MY INTERVIEW WITH DSP Alexandria Langston

    3/6/20230 Comments


    interview with a dsp/cna

    * Required

    Alexandria Langston

    What is your full title

    *Qualified Medication Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, Direct Support Professional, Certified Demtenia Practioner

    What was the moment you realized that you wanted to get into the healthcare industry?*

    I was 15 and did the CNA program at Anthis because it came with dual credits for college. I got placed at Saint Anne's and it literally felt like a home there.

    What is an important aspect of being a direct support person in the waiver system in Indian?

    *Respecting clients even if they are non verbal. Every one deserves to be respected.

    Before working in the healthcare industry, did you know about the waiver system in Indiana?

    *No, I just recently learned about the waiver system.

    What’s one thing you would like to change about the waiver system?


    I wish we could find and keep reliable help. Seems like it is hard to find in this aspect of Healthcare especially.

    Do you think it’s important to be knowledgeable on supportive decision making when you’re dealing with the waiver system in regards to individuals with a disability, physically and intellectually?

    *Yes. I believe everyone has the right to know what is happening.

    how has it affected you on a daily basis?


    I have realized their needs to be more change with the waiver system. It should be held to higher standards.


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    Hi everyone! I'm Aly, I have spina bifida and cerebral palsy, I want to spread awareness and tell my story. Any ideas on where to start or what to write about?? #SpinaBifida #SpinaBifidaAwareness . #CP

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    Hi how many of you have to deal with eyes that don’t work together also is the surgery worth it? #DistractMe #Epilepsy #CP #Upallnight

    10 reactions 4 comments


    I'm so sick of the invalidation I receive almost on a daily basis. Just because my disability isn't one of the "acceptable" disabilities. Why do I always have to prove myself? Why am I always being questioned? I want to be able to tell people about what I have and get the services I need without jumping through the hoops I genuinely can't jump through. I don't want to be dismissed anymore. I want to be seen and heard. Just like I deserve
    #MentalHealth #Disability #tired #CP #Depression #Anxiety #validation #seenandheard


    I'm taking a free online course called "MENTOR" it is all about Mindfulness, exercise, & nutrition to optimize resilience anyone wants info dm me

    #Disabity #edution #CP #SB #MentalHealth


    × " How To Re-Learn How To Date... And Also Disclose Your Physical & Mental Health Condition's " × #Thought 's #curiosity

    × " Please Note : That This Post Is About Trying To Start A New Chapter... A New Beginning... So Please Don't Leave Comment's About.. How I Should Just Love Myself Frist.. I Have Been Doing It.. The Best Way's That I Can... Now What's The Best Way To Tell Someone About Physical And Mental Disabilities... My #CP Is Noticable Because I Have A Limp... I Think That I Would Probably Wait Until They Ask... But Who Know's People These Day's Are Super Dismissive And Picky.. " × #Thought 's #curiosity ☆ S.K. ☆


    × " I Really Wish That My #CP { Cerebral Palsy } ... Would Just Vanish... Maybe Thing's Would Be Better.. " × #TryingToLiveLifeInChronicPain .

    × " Ever Since I Was 6 Year's Old I Have Had Six Major Surgerie's On My Leg's.. And Since Then I Have Been Living With Chronic Severe Pain... My Childhood Doctor Mulitated My Leg's My Tendon's Are Sliced Shorter And My Bone's Feel Un Even... Everytime I Stretch Or Excerise I Feel Like I'm Pulling Something Too Far. That It Hurt's. So I Alway's Pace Myself Trying Not To Over Do Alot... Like At My Job... But They Don't Seem To Really Care As Long As I'm Doing Everything That Other People Are Supposed To Be Doing Also. All Of My Co-worker's Only Speak Spanish... I Speak Both Language's Flulently... These Ladie's Get Away With Not Helping Customer's Or Learning How To Run The Register. I Don't Mean To Be Critical But If You're Working On A Visa Type Job And Want To Have A Better Life Here. In The State's Then Please Learn Our Language. ENGLISH... It Could Help Out And Make Thing's Better. Note: This Is Only My Opinion Nothing More... I Love My Job Sometime's But My Brain Can't Process Thing's Fast Enough And That Frustrate's People That I Work With Now. They Think That I'm Dumb And Stupid... But That's Not True I'm Just Different At Learning Thing's Slowly Than Other's. And People Don't Get Me. " × #Depression ☆☆ S. K. ☆☆


    Speech Language Pathology Graduate School and Paraprofessional #SLP #CP #Anxiety

    Hi everyone I know I haven’t updated in quite a while. I have now graduate with my Bachelors in Communication Science and Disorders.
    I just completed my first semester of graduate school as a speech language pathology major. I am working as a paraprofessional or a special education teach assistant.

    As I reflect back on these moments. I realized struggle with time management. I also need to learn to find my voice and advocate for myself. I no in my heart of hearts I want to be an SLP and change the field for the better. I just need to prioritize myself and my studies as I go into the next school year and next semester.
    #MentalHealth #CollegeMentalHealth


    × " I Find It Funny That People Keep Telling Me That I Should Work A Second Job.?? " × #exhausted #FromFightingForMyLife

    × " I Keep Getting Told To Find A Second Job.. Because The One I Have Currently Is Not Enough For Me To Live Off On My Own. I Only Have A High School Degree...I Don't Have A College Degree It Take's $$$ And Forever..Plus With My Learning Disabilities.. It Would Be A Pain. Everything That I Do Is Ever Good Enough...People Want To See Me Fail At Restarting My Life...Like Thing's Take Time...I Earn A Weekly Paycheck And That's Not Good Enough...Like Geez I'm Not Going To Over Work Myself...My Hand's Are Now Starting To Give Me..Issue's I'm In So Much Pain...But I Want To Live Independently And At Peace...I Couldn't Work For 15 Year's.. I Suffer From #cerebral Palsy #scoliosis #severe Tendinitis Etc. It's Stupid To Me To Have To Relay On The Government For Help. I'm So Used To Being Poor...And Living Within My Mean's..Not Spending...All Of My Money..I Only Spend My Money On Uber For Work...I Can't Drive Do To My #CP ..I Used To Use A Walker And Crawl On My Hand's x Knee's...My Ex Had To Give Me Bath's And Pull Me Out Of The Shower x Help Me Get Dressed. I Work 5 Day's A Week...And Have 2 Regular Day's Off.. But I Go In When I'm Needed To Help Out.. Because That's How I'am Helpful. I Don't Think That I Can Do Two Full-time Job's. × Sincerely , ☆ S.K. ☆ #exhausted #SickOfFightingForMyRight 's.


    × " The Family " × I'm Adoped # Topic#Depression #Anxiety

    × " My Twin Brother & I Were Both Given Up For Adoption Newly Premature With Lack Of Oxygen In Our Brain's Etc. And Both Ended Up With #CP ( Cerebral Palsy ). Learning Disabilities Scoliosis Etc. My Brother Has All The Care That He Need's. I Had A Team Of 10 Specialist In Chicago. At The Time. But Now I'm Starting Over Thing's Are Not Granted Quickly. And People Don't Seem To Realize That At All.. Aka My Sibling's. They Have This Mantality That I Need To Work Myself To Death. Like I Can't I Have Already Did This At My Previous Employer. I Couldn't Do The Job. So I Left For My Physical x Mental Health. My Ex Let Me Stay Home. But Didn't Bother To Come Communicate To Me That I Needed To Get A Job. But Anyway's I Haven't Had A Job In 15 Year's. Do To All Of My Disabilitie's. (" Not Based On Laziness Or Unmotivated." ) So Now I Have A Part Time Job That I Love. I Work For ( T.C. ) Taco Cabana In TX. At $11 per hour. I Work 5 Days A Week. 2 Days Off. Yes I Asked For More Work Hour's. Because Of The Situation That I'm Currently Facing At The Moment. I Worked Last Night... Worked Today And Work On The Weekend. My Job Is Currently Short Staffed. So That's Why I Asked For More Work Hour's To Help Out. Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ P. S. " I Know I Said That I Was Going To Take A Break But Here I'am Posting Lmfao."#AnInsight