Many people have daily struggles with Bipolar. Some people worry about how they appear to others,
I get paranoid sometimes and also anxious especially when there is a change from the normal.
I try and find a reason to smile each day. A joke. A thought. Seeing a loved one.
Once I have that smile I try to remember it’s not all life and someone else may have reason to be hurting some other way, I try and task myself to be there with a lending ear and a kind word. This way I feel good I am helping someone and not focusing on my troubles. Sometimes this thing can help you last the day with as little hurt as possible.
Yes it is always there but to all those struggling like I do, you can get through it. Just take it second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. By doing this you can hopefully say at the end of the day.
I have survived the trials today, let’s see if I can say the same tomorrow

Sorry for wittering on but if I help just one person then that is today’s bonus smile

Thank you
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