A lot of us use our bath tub for pain and anxiety relief. I know I’m so thankful for my tub. I thought I would share my secret tub cleaning recipe because it has made my life soooo much nicer.

Equal parts of regular Dawn dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Put into a good spray bottle,

Spray the whole tub including the walls and let it dry. Come back after it’s dry or the next day and turn the water on HOT! Then if you have a shower massage type attachment, just spray the hot water on the soapy mixture until it’s all gone.

Very rarely do I need to actually stoop over and scrub. It simply rinses off all the hard water and bath tub rings from whatever we use in the tub . It’s amazing and so easy plus the tub is always an inviting place to relax.

Nothing better than a good long bath and jumping into clean sheets!

Just wanted to share. I hope you try this and make your life just a wee bit easier. Use that tub and rest your soul and enjoy the clean tub. ( make sure the soap has been washed down the drain because I don’t want anyone to slip) # Bath #tub #Selfcare #housekeepingmadeeasy #enjoy