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🌷Share one high and one low from your week.
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🌻 Write a list of 5 things that are important to you.
🌵 What's something that's been difficult for you lately?
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What resources do you find most helpful when you need support for your mental health?

🚨 Today’s public service announcement 🚨

Whether it’s from a family member, friend, nonprofit organization, free community program, online platform (like The Mighty!), doctor, or mental health professional, it’s always OK to ask and receive support for your mental health.

Mighty staffer @sparklywartanks finds talking to her therapist, sharing on The Mighty, and facilitating her Expressive Arts workshop with NAMI-NYC to be most helpful for her.

What about you?

#52SmallThings #CheckInWithMe #Selfcare #MentalHealth #Disability #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #Anxiety #Depression

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Book Promotion

Check out my memoir "I Am Not Stupid" which is about living with learning disabilities:

Also check out my Amazon Author Page:

#MentalHealth #Selfcare

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What’s helped your mental health lately? What’s hurt it?

We’ll be tuning up our mental health for this week’s challenge, Mighties! 📈🌱

Whether that looks like setting aside time to implement a new habit, focusing on specific symptom management, reflecting on your needs, or prioritizing boundaries, everyone’s tune-ups may look different.

To get started, let’s reflect on where we are right now. What’s been helping your mental health lately? What’s hurt it?

#52SmallThings #CheckInWithMe #Selfcare #MentalHealth #Disability #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #Anxiety #Depression

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