For so many including myself it is hard to see a positive from the struggles you have gone through or are currently going through. Struggles often shape us and change, they make us self-isolate and hide from a society filled with stereotypes and stigmas. A society that judges those going through a struggle. A society that makes those with a story hide their story and let others tell our story. I struggle everyday not just with my struggle with my mental health and legal issues, but also with a wonder of will the values and strengths I have gained from my past struggles and current struggles ever come to fruition.

There is true value in the struggles you have been through or are currently going through. You need to find those that have also been through a struggle because these are the people that will not judge you and stereotype you. Going through a struggle and coming out the other side gives you a strength no one can ever take away from you. Often it is hard for ourselves to see the values and strengths we have gained from our struggles, that is why connect with others that have gone through struggles will give you someone willing and able to tell you what they see.

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