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× " I'm An Emotionless Person When It Come's To People Leaving Etc " × #I 'm..I Mean

× " Like I Have Said Before.. I'm Used To Being By Myself.. So I'm Not Used To Missing Anyone... Because I Get The Well We Didn't Miss You Etc... So I Don't Play Into It At All Anymore... I'm I An A**Hole... I Don't Think So People Have Done This To Me My Whole Life... Leaving And Not Saying Anything... So When They Expect Me To Miss Them ? YOUR NOT GETTING AN ANSWER BUT AN HONEST " NO! I DID NOT "... I Save My Emotional Feeling's For People Who Actaully Mean Something To Me... My Sister Came Back From Her Trip... And Asked Me If I Missed Her... I Litterly Said No!.. How I'm I Supposed To Miss People When They Don't Even Bother To Say... Hey I'm Leaving... Etc... I Didn't Even Know That She Left For A Vacation... I'm I In The Worng For Not Missing People.. When In Return Don't Give A Shit When I Do Or Go Somewhere Etc.. Or Accomplished Any Of My Goal's. " × #VentingConfusion ☆ S.K. ☆

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