Last week I was listening to a podcast interviewing Dr. Edith Eger. Edith is a psychologist, author and survivor of the Holocaust. She works with those healing from trauma and loss, and she has a unique personal perspective on what healing looks like. In the interview she said the following:

"I am not a victim. I was victimized."

I sat with this for a while. Identifying as a victim has never bothered me, but I know it is a hard thing to accept for a lot of us. Flipping the script — so to speak — shifts the focus away from us and onto the perpetrators.

I am not a victim. I'm not somehow at fault, didn't deserve it, am not broken.

I was victimized. Someone else did something horrible to me and they are the ones to blame.

In a way it allows us to remove what happened to us and to place it on those who hurt us.

How does this make you feel? Do you like the concept? Does it help to reframe things? Share your thoughts below.

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