Because CV19 has a hidden incubation of up to two weeks, the virus can be spread fast, by personal contact and residue on surfaces (up to 4 days), there is no vaccine(up to 18 months), there are too few test kits(millions needed to rule out uninfected), there are too few breathing assist machines(to lengthen infected lives for building immunity, we have 4,000 but need anticipated millions), we want to flatten the spike in numbers of people infected by maximum isolation, away from crowds where 6 foot separation is not possible, except for medical treatment(priority for flu and serious wounds) and for prescriptions, food and having isolation shelter.
It is not needed to hoard tp or other goods because the seclusion is hurt by hoarded goods unavailable to others. Loss of work access is the biggest concern that is being addressed by at home work, company extension and, after major delay, governmental mixed usefulness action. The experience from other areas is the virus spike runs its course over 3 months It is criminal to create shortages avoidable, to price gouge, and to profit by insider trading(as some legislators did from briefings 1/25/20 about serious financial impact coming.)
Staying sheltered in isolation is our only defense to slow the spread ofCorona Virus#19 and to reduce the spike of people infected that will overwhelm medical capacities. The death rate tracked record of this virus is 3.4% compared to flu of 0.1%, 35 times less lethal. The per cent is higher with immunity compromised people, including healthy over 60y.o. seniors. The highest risk is on 500,00 who have no money and no home in which to shelter. Our economic foolishness to decimate support structures and the middle class to favor a narrow class of wealthy since about 1980, now raises its ugly head in the form of poor ability to manage this virus along with planetary compromise from global warming.
So, we will weather this virus storm in spite of increased challenges. Panic is optional. Treating everyone with cooperation and respect is essential. Stay safe and helpful for everyone. Let's invent: