In the ever-shortening world of the psychiatric medication-management appointment my Nurse Practitioner hit a new low today. For your enjoyment, here is a reenactment of this marvelous clinical intervention:

NP: "So, how have you been feeling?"

Me: "Not great. Since my med change two months ago I've felt increasingly depressed. I'm not sleeping or eating well, but all I want to do is nap. I'm not functioning well at work. I'm tearful, have racing thoughts, and a lot of self blame. I'm not interested in doing many things and life seems sad and empty"

NP: "That is because you're only at 1 mg of (medication). I'm raising you to 2 mg and will see you in 6 weeks"

What's missing? Well, let's see: any sort of clinical assessment, suicide assessment , empathy, compassion, knowledge of the etiology of mental illness, and , above all, any interest in me as a person.

I hope the 1 mg increase is worth it.....

#medmanagement #whyaminotgettingbetter