Today is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay
There are so many things I wish were different. We can’t change the past but hopefully we can help share your light with others.

You had this cosmic light 💫 about you Ryan. Full force, all in vibe. I want the world to know that you are more than how you died, more then the struggles you fought. They don’t define you.

You were literal sunshine ☀️ that brightened our lives. Your energy radiated passion and love. You wanted to help others struggling because you knew their pain, how hard the judgement from others hurt your very soul as you tried to start new.
I wish people could have empathy for those that feel depressed, hopeless or anxious. Maybe they would realize it’s not laziness or lack of motivation but a real disease.

They can’t see it but the pain is there. Believe those you love when they are struggling, be there for them. Even if you just sit by there side. You don’t need to talk, they will if they are ready. Knowing they aren’t alone, especially in their time of need could literally save their life.

Be a light of Hope for others. You never know what someone is going through.

#wspd21 #youarenotalone #anotherdaywithyou #stopsuicide #youmatter