Hello to all. As someone who has overcome severe depression i want everyone to realize that you are more powerful than your circumstances. I understand there is so much stigma in the mental health system which is what I am trying to change. I was told I would never finish college or drive a car. I have not only been driving for the last 5 years I will finish my bachelors degree after 10 years! I want everyone to know that is ok to speak about your problems and you should. don’t be afraid to speak your mind because you are not alone. mental health is just as important as physical health. It works hand in hand. As a motivational speaker I learned how beautiful people are who have autism and mental illness. Don’t let your disability define you. Let it drive you to conquer your dreams. You have one one life make it count. Just because it doesn’t happen when you want it doesn’t mean it won’t happen ever. I had many rejections. I believe in all of you. #Youngwarrior #transformation