Signs You Grew Up With Dysautonomia


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Signs You Grew Up With Dysautonomia

“My first sentence was, ‘I’m dizzy.’”

“I would wear thermals under everything and still be freezing although others were walking around in T-shirts and shorts.”

“When I was younger I was always picked on for the amount of salt I craved.”

“Almost every day I would fall asleep at the same time – no matter what I just couldn’t stay awake.”

“I have a ‘party trick’ where I can drink an entire 20 oz. bottle of water, Gatorade, Powerade, etc. in about 30 seconds.”

“No matter how conditioned I was for sports my heart was always pounding out of my chest.”

“As long as I can remember my legs always turned purple if I stood for any length of time.”

“My heart rate was always so much higher than everybody else’s that I thought I was counting wrong.”

“I was always sitting upside-down on the couch, which confused my family, but was likely because I got lightheaded when upright.

“Almost passing out upon standing from squatting. I used to think that happened to everyone.”

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