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These Companies Have Remote Jobs That May Be Great for People With Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities

This piece was updated on August 7, 2018.

If you have a chronic illness or disability, physically going to work every day can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find employment. With the right accommodations, many people are able to work at least part-time.

To help you in your job search, we’ve identified 11 companies currently hiring for multiple remote positions. Most of these businesses are large companies with an international presence, but that doesn’t mean small companies aren’t looking for remote workers as well.

If your favorite company is hiring, or you see a position you think you can do virtually, send their HR department an email and ask if they allow employees to work remotely. Oftentimes, companies are willing to make accommodations for qualified applicants.

We’ll update this article as more companies announce available telecommuting positions, so make sure to bookmark it for future reference.

1. American Express

Credit card company American Express financially powers businesses and individuals. Their work-from-home job openings may just start up your career too. The company offers virtual positions in customer service, sales, travel and lifestyle, and human resources.

Benefits include flexible hours, paid family leave, and onsite wellness centers and counseling. American Express also facilitates networks to support the needs of employees including a Disability Awareness Employee Network and a Virtual Working Employee Network.

You can find remote job openings by viewing “Virtual Career Opportunities” here.

2. Amazon

America’s largest online retailer added 5,000 part-time remote employees in 2017. This year, they have more than 200 virtual jobs open. Amazon offers remote positions across the company, from customer service to human resources and IT.

Full-time remote employees also receive a number of medical benefits including company-paid short-term and long-term disability insurance, reimbursement for adoptions and a “ramp back” program that allows new moms or primary caregivers flexible time to return to the workforce.

You can search remote offerings here by clicking on “view remote jobs” under “remote career opportunities.

3. Apple

If you are technologically savvy, a remote position at Apple may be appealing. Apple’s at-home advisors and team managers are virtual positions which provide technical support throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The full-time positions come with time off, benefits and discounts on Apple products. The company says it prides itself on inclusion and is always “exploring new ways to support employees with disabilities.”

You can search remote offerings here by typing “at home” into the search bar.

4. Hilton

One of the largest hospitality groups in the U.S., Hilton routinely hires virtual employees for positions across the country. In addition to being remote, many positions also offer flexible schedules for employees unable to work from 9 to 5.

Some full-time positions may require occasional travel depending on the role. Full-time jobs come with benefits and paid time off, as do customer service positions.

You can search remote offerings here by typing “remote” or “virtual” where it says “keyword.”


These Companies Have Remote Jobs That May Be Great for People With Chronic Illnesses or Disabilities