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5 Seasonal Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Apply for This November

Depending on your chronic illness, disability or mental health condition, you may not be able to work all year round. There is nothing wrong with that — your health comes first. If you have the energy to put in a few months’ work each year, looking for a seasonal job you can do from home may be a great option.

Most often, seasonal jobs are available around the holiday season when retailers and other winter businesses get extra busy. These companies need help fielding calls and requests from customers, as well as making sure things like home heating systems are up and running. There are other seasonal gigs as well. Think tax season (January through April) or in some cases, planting season when farm supply companies get an influx of orders.

The jobs listed below might not work for everybody — some are only available in limited states in the U.S. or require in-person training before you begin working from home — but we hope it gets you started on your seasonal job hunt. We’ve also listed some bonus companies to check out that The Mighty has featured in past years and are hiring again to give you some additional options.

Here are five companies with open seasonal remote jobs you can apply for now:  

1. Mattel

The makers of classic toys like Barbie and Hot Wheels predictably get busy around the holidays, so Mattel will hire a fleet of remote seasonal customer service agents to handle the influx of business. Those who wish to apply must live in Wisconsin, within 75 miles of Middleton specifically and attend a 10-day in-person training.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Mattel Jobs:

Visit Mattel’s careers page and look for jobs that include “home” in the listing. It looks like Mattel may not have remote jobs available at other times of the year.

2. Purely Poultry

Purely Poultry needs seasonal workers, but maybe not when you think — this company ships baby chicks and other birds of fowl, so they need help in the spring and summer. If you want to get ahead of the game for warmer-month seasonal work, those who are hired for remote customer service work will earn $12 an hour and can set their own schedule after completing training.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Purely Poultry Jobs:

Visit Purely Poultry’s jobs page and look for jobs that include “remote” in the listing.

3. Sykes

Many retailers rely on outside technical and customer support during the holidays, services companies like Sykes provide. To manage the holiday rush for its clients, Sykes hires remote seasonal customer service workers. If you’re hired, you can expect to work full time starting in early November.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Sykes Jobs:

Visit Sykes’s job openings and search using the keywords box for “work from home.”

4. Dead River Company

This New England-based heating company provides petroleum products and services to keep people warm all winter long. To keep up with demand during the winter, Dead River Company hires work-from-home dispatchers who act as a liaison between customers, delivery drivers and the company. Remote positions do require completing on-site training prior to working from home.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Dead River Company Jobs:

Visit Dead River Company’s careers page and look for jobs that include “remote” in the listing.

5. SportsEngine

SportsEngine is a division of NBC Sports that focuses on software for sports teams, including the wrestling event and streaming platform Trackwrestling. Remote workers help monitor event setup and video streaming. Seasonal positions run November through April and you may have to travel to up to three in-person events. According to the company’s website, it offers competitive pay.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote SportsEngine Jobs:

Visit SportsEngine’s careers page and look for jobs that include “remote” in the listing.


These aren’t the only companies hiring seasonal remote workers this year — a number of companies from The Mighty’s 2018 seasonal jobs list are also hiring nationwide again this year, including:

Are you an employer with available remote opportunities for qualified candidates? Contact [email protected] to have your listing posted in an upcoming edition of our monthly remote jobs roundup.

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