When my daughter has a meltdown, it can be bad. Kicking me, hitting me, throwing things etc yesterday she was hitting my mom. Thankfully these are not everyday 5/6 times a day, like they were at 1 time. They are 1/2 a week currently. Well my question is when you have a melt down, and if you go non-verbal like she does ?? Do you constantly swear like that’s pretty much all you are saying is swear words till you come down ??

I asked the dr if it could be Tourette’s ? And I talked to her therapist about it. The dr said no to Tourette’s she has full control, and the therapist said no she seems to have control when I seen her. She has seen her but they wasn’t bad like she can get. After this last one Yesterday morning. I don’t know, and really want to hear from others, on if it’s controlled or not. When she was done, she cried bc she won’t stop till she cries. She acts like nothing happened and laughing, and doesn’t seem to really remember what’s happened 2 or 3 hrs earlier. Or however long it was. I want to hear from others tho bc she’s 10 she maybe pulling my leg. I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ thank you #Tryingtofigureitout #learning #10istoyoungtobeswearinglikeasailor