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What have I learned after being abused? #Trauma

Life has taught me a lot of cruel lessons.

I learned that the people you don't expect to hurt you, can hurt you.

That I am not to blame for what was done to me- and that shame can and does resurface.

That I have no control over others, only myself. And this lack of control over others brings up hard feelings.

That I can live a healthy, happy life but somewhere inside me will always be a slightly wounded child.

That no amount of dwelling on the past will change the past. And that I don't know what the future holds.

That I can heal but the memories will always be there.

That the triggers will always be there but they don't have to disable me.

That I can be and am loved despite what happened. I am not damaged, dirty or abnormal.

I can smile and keep going, even with tears in my eyes.

I can cry it out then move on because I am stronger and more determined than I thought.

Though I've learned a lot of harsh lessons, I've learned lessons on love too.

Keep searching and learning and love will find you too.

#PTSD #Childhoodtrauma #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #SexualAbuse #SexualAssault #Love #learning #Healing

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August Come To the Table

<p>August Come To the Table</p>
Community Voices


Each day is a new opportunity to learn about yourself.

Today I learned that my Disorganized/Fearful attachment style and my people pleasing are connected. That my trauma driven behaviors are actually the result of my attachment style.

If you are curious and want to know what your style is, there are tons of quizzes online.

I suggest taking one. It changed my perspective and helped me to understand what I need to change. I need to be more trusting and more mindful in my relationships.

Slowly, I am learning what drives my behaviors and the more I know the more I can heal.

#Trauma #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors #suicideattemptsurvivor #selfharmsurvivor #Healing #learning #attachment

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× " So I Trained More Today Yaay! " × #AnUpdate

× " So I Did The Cash Register Again All Day... And This Time We Are Currently [ Cash Only ]. The Computer System's Are Acting Up... Alot.. And I Asked My Boss If She Knew About Me Doing The Cash Registration... She Said Yes So Thank The God's... ☆ And I Wanted To Work Late Today To Learn More Knowledge... I Did The Front-Line × Grill Station's... I'm Going To Ask My Boss If I Can Be Trained On The Front-Line × Grill Station's 1st ... Because The Registration Is Alot To Learn And Process... Because Of My #learning Disabilitie's... ♧ I'm Soo EXHAUSTED 😩 And Sleepy... " × #movingup #AnUpdate ☆ S. K. ☆

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Happy National ASL Day!

<p>Happy National ASL Day!</p>
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Morning Mighties!

Has anybody on here, who Is pretty much housebound, and seething with boredom! tried learning a new instrument with a visiting tutor before?

I would definitely need physical guidance as my co-ordination /fine motor skills can be tricky.

I learnt piano as a teenager and regret not seeing it through, as I found two hands tricky and being a typical adolescent 'boring" 🤣🤦‍♀️. But now I see it as a challenge?
Would love something to do which would also be an achievement for me.

I'm a creative so and so and have tried a few crafts but they were not for Me and everytime I hear a piano being beautifully played i can't help but feel jealous

I have chronic fatigue as part of my undifferentiated connective tissue disease and not sure if it would get in the way? I'm also very shy (autistic) so the initial meeting with a tutor may be kinda overwhelming but this is minor really

Thoughts? Kind Regards

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The future

<p>The future</p>
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My "Gender Envy Board" 🏳‍⚧🏳‍🌈💚😄😅

<p>My "Gender Envy Board" 🏳‍⚧🏳‍🌈💚😄😅</p>
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the way she feels

Hello all! I am still new to my diagnosis and had asked around for some literature to read regarding Borderline Personality Disorder. I wanted to share "the way she feels: my life on the borderline in pictures and pieces" by Courtney Cook. It is a graphic memoir talking about her experience with BPD. I recommend looking into the trigger warning before reading it, if you are interested.

She does talk about eating disorders, sex, body image, skin picking, self-harm, and other difficult subjects.

I also listen to Therapists in the Wild Podcast, but it is less about living with BPD. They talk about DBT therapy and highlight different skills taught there. If you are someone who needs a little more help understanding or refreshing your memory about DBT, it's been very helpful. It can help you get into the practice of using these skills.

If anyone else has any recommendations for books, essays, articles, podcasts, etc about BPD, specifically living with it, I'd love to know.

Thank you!

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #thewayshefeels #readingmaterial #Research #learning

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#learning about myself

<p><a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="learning" href="/topic/learning/" data-id="5c05ed43ec4a3b00c98dc9a9" data-name="learning" aria-label="hashtag learning">#learning</a>  about myself</p>
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