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Disability discrimination at Monell’s at the Manor

We were visiting Nashville from California and we’re told we HAD to go to Monell’s at the Manor. We drove 30 minutes and once we got there we read a sign that every person has to pay. My child who is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Glut1ds, is on a very strict Ketogenic diet where we weigh all of his food on a gram scale and we bring food with us. He has seizures if he eats anything other than what we weigh for him so he was not eating that day from the restaurant. We were asking the lady if she could make an exception for my son and she would have nothing of it. She pointed to the sign at least 5 times and was very rigid. Ruby, was extremely rude about the entire situation. We had a letter stating all of these things from my son’s dietician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Ruby wouldn’t even look at it. She was saying she was just doing her job. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to eat at your establishment because of how uncomfortable your manager made us feel. She made my son cry. It was NOT about the $12, it was about making an exception to the rules for a Special Needs child and your manager not being accepting. Ruby made us feel not welcomed. I hope something will be done to help your establishments be more accepting and you hire more knowledgeable managers. Thank you. #glut1ds #SpecialNeedsCommunity #acceptancenotawereness #Monells #Ketogenicdiet


Autism diagnosis changed my life. #ThisIsMyStory #AutismSpectrumDisorder

I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability at the age of 8, but wasn't diagnosed with autism until the age of 20, a diagnosis that would change my life forever. I fight hard to get women on the spectrum noticed as there are fewer diagnosis' for spectrum women. I now know myself better than I ever have, I volunteer co-lead a support group for young adults on the spectrum and have many other autistic friends. Life can get frustrating sometimes when things get overwhelming, or if I have a sensory overload or co-occuring gut issues, but with help from my amazing family, a psychologist and by altering my diet, things have massively improved and life is getting so much better. Autism is not a death sentence, it's not something that should be feared, it just means our brains are wired a little differently than others and that's ok! :) #ThisIsMyStory #AutismSpectrumDisorder #acceptancenotawereness