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Pain after swallowing. It was sore even swallowing liquids now with liquids ok, but food still hurts after swallowing, as it goes down.

I've had a lot going on lately, 21 yr old daughter with underdeveloped brain is getting too much with her moods, my husband with high functioning Autism has major stress, debilitating anxiety, depression and can't find work. I can't work due to my Fibromyalgia, Narcolepsy, Chronic fatigue etc and my daughter. Had another break out of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, biggest one yet. Topical antibiotic ointment, oral antibiotic and then still cut out and was extremely painful. Now I woke 2 nights ago with what I thought was indigestion. I was up the whole night with pain..my hubby got me Lansoloc OTC from the pharmacy and it was very sore after swallowing anythingbthe first day, now liquids are ok, it still hurts after I've swallowed, like a painful lump sort of bottom of neck starting chest area? Don't know how to explain. We can't afford anything at the moment, but it's scaring me. I'm almost too scared to swallow...like I chewed and chewed until I had to eventually swallow. I have so much pain as it is. I mean how much more. I'm a medical mishap waring to happen. I'm so down and feel all alone. My daughter doesn't understand, my hubby just gets more stressed and anxious. Feeling lost. #esophageal #Fibromyaliga #Stress #HS #Anxiety #Depression #SpecialNeedsCommunity #ChronicFatigue #ChronicPain


McDonalds Was Mean to my Special Needs Students

I teach special education in a self contained setting. My job is truly my passion. I not only love what I do, but I LOVE my students. I spend 9-3:30 with them Monday through Friday and there are very few things I won’t do for them. Advocating and being their voice is one of those things I do for them.

My school is in a suburb of Chicago. We had planned a community trip to the pumpkin patch on Halloween, but the weather did not allow for that. My heart broke thinking about how sad my students would be. I decided to switch some things around and go to McDonalds instead. At McDonald’s the students work on skills we teach in the classroom. Some examples would be ordering food, waiting in line, and parking lot safety.

When we got to McDonalds the manager was so rude and told us that if we wanted to come eat there we should have called and asked them. Side note- there was one other person in the restaurant. He then rudely told us that if they wanted kids meals it would take them at least 45 minutes. Again side note- I had ten kids. It’s McDonalds- shouldn’t they be able to accommodate 10 kids meals without making children feel bad for showing up?

The man continued to be rude not only to us, by also to the other employees. I was in shock.

If you have a child with autism or work with children with autism you know that letting them play in the play land and then trying to explain that they have to come sit and eat after would be near impossible. We spent our entire time waiting for them to make kids meals. I felt awful and the kids trip was ruined. Not to mention they over charged most of the children for extra drinks.

I contacted McDonalds many times. I kept being told someone would call me back. The only person to call me back told me she was sorry for my ‘perception’ of what happened. I am sick to my stomach that a company so large and well known is okay with this treatment. I still have yet to hear from McDonalds or at least anyone that actually feels that this behavior isn’t okay. Please share in hopes that someone from McDonalds cares and helps raise awareness.

#McDonalds #Autism #Autism #AutismAdvocacy #SpecialEducators #SpecialEducation #SpecialNeedsFamilies #SpecialNeedsParent #SpecialNeedsPrograms #SpecialNeedsCommunity #Disability #RespectAbility #HunterSyndrome #GeneticDisorder #InclusionAndSpecialNeeds #BeKind21 #ParentsOfChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #DisabilityAdvocacy #IntellectualDisability #Teachers


Disability discrimination at Monell’s at the Manor

We were visiting Nashville from California and we’re told we HAD to go to Monell’s at the Manor. We drove 30 minutes and once we got there we read a sign that every person has to pay. My child who is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Glut1ds, is on a very strict Ketogenic diet where we weigh all of his food on a gram scale and we bring food with us. He has seizures if he eats anything other than what we weigh for him so he was not eating that day from the restaurant. We were asking the lady if she could make an exception for my son and she would have nothing of it. She pointed to the sign at least 5 times and was very rigid. Ruby, was extremely rude about the entire situation. We had a letter stating all of these things from my son’s dietician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Ruby wouldn’t even look at it. She was saying she was just doing her job. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to eat at your establishment because of how uncomfortable your manager made us feel. She made my son cry. It was NOT about the $12, it was about making an exception to the rules for a Special Needs child and your manager not being accepting. Ruby made us feel not welcomed. I hope something will be done to help your establishments be more accepting and you hire more knowledgeable managers. Thank you. #glut1ds #SpecialNeedsCommunity #acceptancenotawereness #Monells #Ketogenicdiet

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Meditating on these beautiful words...

Struggle is often our greatest teacher. I try to remember this in the tough seasons, when I feel most alone. #Depression #SpecialNeedsCommunity