× " Here's An Insight Of What I Deal With. 24/7. I Clean Thier Dishe's Because They All Work From Home And Don't Bother To Pick Up After Themselve's. I Only Do My Laundry On Select Day's. They Wash Every Day One Dog Blank × Or Thier Laundry And Leave It For 2 To 3 Day's. And Then My Sister Start's Complaining. About Everything. But Never Yell's At My Nephew x Her Husband. I Take Out The Trash Constantly. This Was When I Didn't Have A Job. Now I Do And Still Have To Clean Etc. I Hate Living In A Dirty Environment. I Bought Laundry Liquid To Clean My Clothe's. Because My Uniform Need's To Be Clean. They Blow Through It Within A Week. Or Anything Else I Buy. To Try And Help Out Since They Complain So Much. But I'm No Longer Wasting My Money Because They Don't Ask. They Come Into The Room That I'm Staying In. Apparently They Are Allowed To Come In Whenever They Wish. Just Because Her Husband Has Thing's x Clothe's. Then I Was Lied To When They Said This Was My " Personal Space " Thing's Have Gone Missing. And They All Play Dumb. I'm Sick Of This Abuse. And My Older Brother Has No Idea. He Just Yell's At Me. I Work So Hard I Asked My Boss Foe More Hour's. She Can't Give Me Day's. So Hopefully I Will Work The Night Shift. I Want To Put All Of My Thing's In Storage. And Stay At A Hotel. But Thing's Are So Expensive. My Job I Make Salsa Cup's x Do The Tortilla's... Make Chip Bag's. I Love Frying Thing's Like Freshly Made Tortilla Chip's x Salt Them. I Also Make Fresh Cabana Bowl's. I Make To Go Boxe's... I Expidate / Run People's Order's Out To Thier Vehicle's. I Do The Dishe's x Take Out The Trash...Break Down..Boxe's. Make Cabana Bowl Boxe's. Stock Up On Everything. Clean The Parking Lot. Clean The Restroom's. Sweep x Mopp The Dining Room Area. Keep The Whole Restaurant Purely Clean. " Now Please Tell Me That I'm Not Dedicated To My Job". I Might As Well Be Married To It. #AList #Abuse #TakenAdvantage