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    This Post is mainly for Emotional Abuse Survivors, or people that suffer from either bpd or bipolar.

    When did it come to you that you were being emotionally abused by your mom or dad / guardian? Around what age did you wise up that you were being gaslighted by your parents? #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder

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    The Only Place to Really Get Help for Drug Addiction

    Can any anyone explain why at whatever point somebody is searching for illicit drug use help, they promptly go to outside sources in their sobs for help, the therapy clinics, the congregation, their families are the ordinary first ports of call, however in most of cases genuinely, this help is then vain as most of medication clients wind up backsliding.

    In the event that this is what is going on which you are encountering either as a fiend or a relative or cherished one of a fiend, then if it's not too much trouble, permit me as a recuperating addict to add my opinion. The main time that any kind of chronic drug use help will work is the point at which the fiend has really dedicated to truly needing and requiring the assistance.

    I'm not discussing the weeps for illicit drug use assist you with willing hear when they don't have cash for their next fix, or the weak endeavors at recuperation which happen consistently and unavoidably end up in a backslide and frequently more serious maltreatment than previously.

    Addicts are astonishing animals, they will attempt each stunt under the sun to get what they need from you, whether it is cash, transport, haven or anything it is they need and they will frequently do this assuming some pretense of searching for illicit drug use help, pity and even compassion.

    So how do you have any idea when somebody truly is prepared to start tolerating illicit drug use help? Indeed, tragically it is frequently extremely challenging to lie from reality with regards to dependence, yet ordinarily a junkie will just genuinely start to search for genuine assistance whenever they have raised a ruckus around town of the line and have no different choices other than death.

    I realize this was a lot of the case with myself and it was that choice which I expected to make which carried me to where I'm today, 10 years clean of intravenous heroin compulsion, I have a caring family and wouldn't exchange them for anything, yet as an addict I would have exchanged them a moment for another fix! Miserable however exceptionally obvious!

    So to really offer illicit drug use help, you really want to allow the junkie to raise a ruckus around town of the low before you can attempt to help them up, this is everything which will assist them with zeroing in on their own recuperation and will permit the chronic drug use help to start to come from inside themselves as opposed to attempting to smooth the way.

    Some of the time we want to lose everything to really figure out and comprehend what it is which we had. It is never a simple ride, however sadly assuming you are looking to genuinely have the option to give chronic drug use help, it is many times the main course accessible.

    David Kuhn was a medication fiend for a huge part of his life, yet has figured out how to conquer his fixation which finished in intravenous heroin compulsion. He has been 'perfect' for a decade at this point and his enthusiasm is to help others comprehend and beat their addictions.

    For More Info:-

    Drug rehab centers in Victorville ca

    Drug abuse counselor Victorville ca

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    Being and emotional abuse survivor or just having a mental illness is hard enough but dealing with ibs makes it horrible.

    How does IBS affect your life? All the outings far away from the house you have to cancel sometimes due to ibs... rather its constipation or diarrhea #ADHD #Autism #bpdworld #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #BipolarDisorder

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    Twins or Quintuplets

    Dear which witch of Michael, so having been stuck in Timmins for our entire marriage, I would like all of you Quintuplets to go to Thailand together so you don't have to sneak around, or replace, or hide, or escort, or run, with or without me, just like the twins who play together in the Brandi Carlisle concert, you make me crazy, left out jealous sick suicidal poor tired misused erroneously rented to the wrong book theives hungry all the time having too much desire to get drunk or not enough, never the accurated amount, too dry, too not wet in a hot tub pool ocean lake river melting black snow bank sludge sleet puddle pond yellow line mud housework and boot fiasco, tub, shower, wet water off a leaf type romantic thing, and you may take all 5 of me or no one at all, and go to climb the great wall of China, while I eat potatoes with peanut sauce cause the Bullseye is nailed shut, all 5 of me should look like me, be sweet like me, flirt like me, sing about frogs like me, write like me, try not to hurt people or selves like me, housekeep somewhat like me, feed you like me, and return every day from walking an abyss in a vehicle like me, my two feet, they should have bank accounts which they work for at different periods in their life, right now i write, and heal, thats my job, hostessing and escorting you is what we do for 15 years together, me and you, also the yelling and abuse and up all night lecturing sucks and maybe all 5 of you don't do that, Love is supposed to be the only problem, not suicide threats, actions and missing blood in the abbyss


    What do you love most about your life? #prompt

    I love to journal and I love finding prompts to journal about. I just Google the prompts that I'm looking for and I find thousands of them. Tonight's prompt is really making me think. Especially about the positive. I know it sounds negative and pessimistic to say that I tend to think of the negative regarding my situation. I suppose negative thinking and internal dialogues are a normal aftereffect of being abused. But tonight I want to challenge those thoughts by writing something positive. So this brings me to the question: What do I love most about my life? I've never actually put much thought into this question. Maybe there isn't any one answer to this question but I'm going to answer this as best I can.

    I tend to focus on the fact that I was abused and abandoned and this leads me to think that there is no good in my life. This isn't true. I love the fact that I can finally and genuinely feel safe. The hyper-vigilance of PTSD is still pretty active especially around people I don't know but now I can tell myself that I am truly safe. I have a family now that would protect me if they needed to. I can rest at night (pretty well) knowing that my nightmares can't hurt me and they aren't as bad as they once were. I love that I can be safe with a few select people and not shut them out because of distrust or fear.

    I love that I am loved and wanted. After being abused and abandoned I felt objectified and unwanted. Now though I am expected at family functions and have been told how loved and wanted I actually am.

    I love how I can create the life that I want without the fear of being abused again. No longer do I live in fear but I can now live each day as I choose. If I relapse I can show myself grace and love. If I have a healing day then I can celebrate it. I love how I can express myself without fear of retribution. I can be open and honest with myself and others and have my experiences and emotions validated. These might seem like little things so some but they are big things to me.

    Just being free from abuse and fear and being able to adjust to life at my own pace means a lot. Like I always say, I am not fully healed but each day I am getting closer to my goal. I may have bad days where I slip up but I also have good days where I can be proud of myself and show myself the love that I always deserved. So I ask you: What do you love about your life? I won't tell you to think positive because I know that toxic positivity can be hurtful. I will tell you to celebrate your life and your accomplishments. You deserve it. Just as I do. I am so glad that I chose this prompt because now I feel more positive and happier compared to earlier. I hope this post inspires someone today. Blessings to you all.

    #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Hope #Healing #Writing #Love #Life

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    Relationship abuse #Abuse

    He had me by my own book about abuse and relationships. I don't even know what to say because I'm confused and hurt. I'm always the one who's quote unquote wrong in this relationship. It just occurred to me today I've had this book for a while that oh my God like I think that he needs to be the one reading it. I feel lousy he makes me feel really lousy and i keep staying with him

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    Thinking through it, Writing through it

    We all have things we'd like to change about ourselves. This can be a good thing. For me, I want to get better at regulating and naming my emotions. One of the hallmark symptoms of #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder is difficulty regulating my emotions. Since knowing this, I have been putting much thought into thinking my emotions through. In DBT therapy there is a module called Emotion Regulation in which we learn skills to get ourselves out of crisis mode and how to deal with intense emotions. I have become more aware of this fact and have been working to regulate my emotions which means that I am working to think through and write through my emotions.

    After surviving 12 years of abuse and trauma I have always had difficulty regulating my emotions. Having the emotional swings of #BipolarDisorder too can make me feel more out of control. I am pretty good at tracking my emotions and mood episodes but that doesn't always make me feel better. I have worn a mask hiding my emotions and thoughts for quite some time but now I want to think through and write through my complexities. Sadly the #PTSD gets in the way and when I get triggered all my therapy skills go out the window.

    I think applying thought and finding a coping skill like writing can have a tremendous effect on mental health and well being. Though I still struggle with opening up to others and can let my emotions speak for me, I am slowly changing this. Now for example, I am in a depressed episode and I am aware of this and writing through it has been helpful. I have a therapist to talk to but I don't talk with her often so having a community like this is super helpful. So I challenge all of you to think it through and use your coping skills next time you feel overwhelmed. I know from experience that allowing my emotions to decide for me has gotten me in nothing but trouble. That it is okay to open up in a safe environment, and that though I struggle with three mental illnesses I know that if I think it through and take it one day at a time that I can get through anything. So can you.

    Stay strong friends. Think, breathe, pause, talk it out. You will be okay, just like me. I believe in all of you. Thanks for reading. Blessings to you all.

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is KRobinson73. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Addiction, C-PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, Trauma Bonded and Domestic Abuse from from my ex who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and possibly Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    #MightyTogether #Bipolar2Disorder #PanicDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Migraine #PTSD #Grief

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    Worry about everything

    I don’t fit in, hate myself and feel ashamed I let them do all they did to me…
    I have this imperfect DNA
    #Abuse #tarnishedforlife

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    Felling very depressed

    Hi my name is Cindy
    I just found out my dad didn’t want to have children. I’m 51 and find out now that he didn’t even want me. This explains the abuse I went threw as a child. This makes me now not to want anything to do with him. My parents are divorced my mom lives with me. She is not in the best of health. He abused my mom really bad too. I’m going to keep loving my mom. I have to pull threw this my mom needs me

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