I have severe allergies. Cross pollination issue. Oral allergies issues. Recently since march i have been fighting for air. Covid test neg. pulmonary embolism negative, ekg normal. 2 chest xrays , A round of prednisone. No answer. Have to see a pulmonologist after the allergist and primary dr had no answers. Was treated like shit at a er claiming i had anxiety. I think i would know. I’m not anxious i know that feeling. It’s making my job hard ( i work in healthcare) i have EDS also. They think i May be allergic to exercise. Anything that raises my heart rate. Ugh. I’m super frustrated. It’s hard enough having chonic pain from Eds. I’m not crazy. I need answers. I need something to work out for me. I’m battling enough as it is. My son (12) was finally confirmed ASD. 12 years it took. A messed up body. CFS , EDS. I am doing what i can to go forward but this is really hard. Really disappointing. Ugh
#EDS #CFS #allergictolife #Undiagnosed