Chronic fatigue has been the tiny annoying voice whispering in my ear since Spring 2015, because when your body exists in a state of permanent hypothyroidism, it has that fun effect!

7 years in and I’d like to think I have it pretty figured out. I bargain ahead of every day, week, or scheduled future plan. I know what my body can go through to stay OK, and more importantly I know my limits.

But life doesn’t work perfectly, and I can’t always control the circumstances around me. And when I end up overdoing it and hitting that “wall” where basically everything feels impossible, I notice my emotions dip along with my energy levels. When you have to revolve your life around your fatigue levels, one day can really throw a wrench into things, and is a perfectly normal and valid reason to be frustrated.

When you hit that fatigue “wall,” how do you feel?

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