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Alprazolam & Mood Swings

My psychiatrist prescribed me with Alprazolam 500mcg and should only be taken when needed.

Please tell me if the reasons below are okay for me to pop in one 500mcg of Alprazolam almost on a daily basis but not daily.

Lately, I’ve been taking it for almost everyday. The reasons that I have are the following:

1. When I got so upset with someone dear to me that I started my heart beating fast, I started hurting myself. I took a pill after.
2. When I was feeling down, really sad, feel like crying.
3. Worried too worried that I couldn’t work.
4. When I found out that the same person (no.1) might have cancer of the blood.

Lately I’ve been feeling sad, additional factors:

1. That person who might have cancer, I’m scared.
2. The lockdown in our country + the bad response with the pandemic.
3. Fear of getting the virus.
4. Still no vaccine for the public.

Hope someone helps me out. My next session with my psychiatrist is not until May 2021.

#alprazolam #Xanax #Anxiety #Depression


Can I Take Two .5mg of Alprazolam

Today’s been stressful and I’ve already had an axiety attack. I took .5mg of alprazolam and thinking of taking another those

I feel like I need to calm myself to stop myself from going balistic and all

Please help #Anxiety #alprazolam #Xanax


How Long Have You Been Using Xanax

I was first prescribed Xanax a couple of years ago. I am taking it sometimes when I am feeling that everything is kind of too much. I am taking it whenever I want to sleep and I can't sleep because my thoughts won't shut up.

My current dosage is 500MCG and was advised to only take it when needed. Recently I've been taking it daily due to stress, to the sadness that I am feeling. I feel like taking it everyday make things better even if they are not.

So how long have you been on Xanax? Is it true that it may no longer work if taken too often?

Please help answer. Thank you #Xanax #alprazolam

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