Sometimes Autism sleeps, but most of the time it doesn't. When we become a new parent and struggle with the midnight feedings. We get up with the baby, knowing that this will last only about 4 months. Well, surprise! You're an autism parent! The only sleep you're getting is that of which you daydream about. Sometimes autism surprises you and you may get a quick 5 minute cat nap. The quick cat nap will never be a 5 minute power nap, it is for your autistic child. You might get a good nights sleep, after getting up for the 5th time. And, you've mastered sleeping on the edge of the bed. Oh, and we can't forget the hopes of sleeping in late. Because your autistic child only went to bed at 3:00am. Again, jokes on the autism parent! Oh, I'll sleep. When I'm dead! Then that leads to a whole other dilemma of being a parent to an autistic child. You think, I can't die! Who do I leave my autistic child to?! But, hey, that's another blog. #Autism