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    Meds 🤦🏻‍♀️

    They changed my meds to help my anxiety and sleep about a week ago. I have not been able to sleep since. My head and eyes hurt, and I am snappy. I call the doctor today, and they tell me I have to give the medication more time. I have to go to work next week and I don’t want to go feeling this way. They scheduled an appointment for next Thursday, after I already started working because of course they have to charge me again. #Bipolar #nosleep #Anxiety #frustrated

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    Every episode of depression is different which is why I'm never ready. One thing that's common, however, is silence.

    The last thing I want to do is talk - to anyone. During these times I wish I never had to come out of my room. I'm tired. I go from one extreme to another. Sleeping a lot to not sleeping at all. Ugh.

    #overwhelmed #Sadness #Anxiety #nosleep #Depression

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    Insomnia! No Sleep!

    <p><a href="" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce8d00553f33fe9950ee" data-name="Insomnia" title="Insomnia" target="_blank">Insomnia</a>! No Sleep!</p>
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    Anyone awake? #nosleep

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    Sleepless in my bed…

    Sleep…I’d give anything to have a deep meaningful, restful sleep.

    The kind of sleep that takes you on a journey so incredible that when you awake you feel reborn!
    Every bone in your body feels..brand new, your skin…glows, your senses so incredibly alive, you feel the rays of the sun dance against your goosebumps as you stretch your limps into a perfect bow….
    The kind of sleep that takes away every single ache and pain from your tired muscles, despite the fact that you haven’t lifted a finger in so long other than to rub gently against your throbbing aching body…
    The kind of sleep that makes you forget about everything and wonder 💭 “What day is it and where am I?”….
    Sleep so deep, so good, so restful, you are ready to take on the world 🌎
    I’d give anything for that kind of sleep…I crave that sleep, I need that sleep, I want that sleep, I dream of that sleep…..

    Crazy to think it but if only I could sleep that deep, I feel that half my pain and problems will just sail away…..

    #sleepless #Insomnia #restless #ChronicFatigue #sleepdeprivasion #nosleep #Fibromyalgia #tired #Depression #Letmesleep #slumber

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    Community Voices

    Feels like I’m heading toward my darkest

    <p>Feels like I’m heading toward my darkest</p>
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    Been a tough far

    I knew this morning would be an early one. I planned to get up at 5, but my fuzzy one said different. He started in at 4 trying to get me out of bed as he was starving to death! As if!

    I rolled out of bed and fed the gray monster. Then I turned my attention to making a cup of coffee. I'm thinking of a meme - "I drinks the coffee and then I do the things."

    I got ready for my friend to pick me up. Every 2 weeks he takes me to Wally World to pick up my grocery order. I really like not having to go inside.

    I came home and crashed. My knees and lower legs are hurting quite a bit so everything else that is on my "to do list" will have to wait until tomorrow.
    #nosleep #bossycat #naptime #achesandpain

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