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Celebrate Indigenous Life Month

Check out my friend Kimber Harris! (She has propped me up and promoted things I've been involved with and I finally have the chance to return the favor!)

Kimber has been selected to be a #campaignadvocate with American Indian Cancer Foundation for the month of June for #celebrateindigenouslifemonth ! She is also leading a #CommunityConversation on June 7th. She has been selected to share her experience facing HER2+ breast cancer as a young adult.

Register and attend her Community Conversation.


Follow #aicf on social media, like/comment/share the posts to help raise awareness of #indigenoushealth , #BreastCancer , #ayacancer AND #cancersurvivorship .

June is also #cancersurvivorshipmonth !

You can also show support by wearing #lavendar on June 4th and 23rd. The 4th is #NationalCancerSurvivorsDay and the 23rd is #CelebrateIndigenousLife Day!

#ayacsm #ncsd2023 #ncsd

Celebrate Indigenous Life - American Indian Cancer Foundation

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I'm Still an AYA

My latest online piece for Elephants and Tea magazine fits right in with #AYACancerAwarenessWeek. Check it out and then sign up to hear me read it at a LIVE VIRTUAL event on Thursday, April 13th!

#imstillanaya #ayacancer #ayacsm


I’m Still an AYA

I’m Still an AYA. I aged out of AYA before I was even diagnosed, but I’m still an AYA. My bladder cancer diagnosis was handed to me on August