think back on time
try reminisce
as time dwindles
posted in cold wind, I sit and chill
sharp like icicle

clinch fists grip cliffs by finger tips
don’t trip, never slip
bottom lip gets no stiffer than this

hock eye spit loogie that might bullseye hit you
as you walk round blocks in whatever size shoe fits you
trickle down eco-chamber
name callin
slippery when wet
sticks and stones rubber to glue effect
gang stalking

sent messages
said some sentences backwards
tough isn’t it ?
to get intimate w friends & loved ones
when they pick apart everything you said
and interpret it differently

scarred heart sentiment
broken limbs, torn apart ligaments
in a inner city that’s not Innocent
livin in sin
born into this
simple state of ignorance
no bliss for the noblest
notebook open
go ballistic
forced to pick my own brain
when noones listening
Trust me — no-ones listening
globalist agenda —go against it
socialists for sure call you—chauvinistic
Oh—so specific
if you practiced what your bumper sticker preaches
Thered be “coexistence”
tolerant unless you follow jesus
Cool if no no ones Christian
Your diversity stops with thoughts and opinions
Stop it
obnoxious ass minions
You Can’t label what you can’t fit in a box
Still thinking you figured me out, Miagi 🥋

I’m a Libra seated on a teeter totter
Trying to even out the odds
why even bother
Seen it all before
Eating out feed out of the palm readers palm
Foot in mouth, but keep on talking
Dig a hole too deep
I can’t get out of
Please fill in about 6 feet beneath top
Pleaded with him
but he wouldn’t let me keep the coffin
Sleep is not an option but sleep is all I think of often
People love to point their finger at me
after he done already hit the bottom
Actuactly every time i reach my peak
The closest to me usually push me off it
Saw me stumble could of stopped it
could of caught me slipping
Trip turn in to tumble
wish it was a freer feeling to be falling

Let freedom ring inside my thoughts
Free me from my self destruct
Heal me from greif trauma
everyone seems to be against me
When pickin teams
im flying solo
Defy the limits of physics
Cut strings offNeutens cradle
marbles roll off the table
Doesn’t make me unstable
what’s crazy to you tho?
Questioning everything to get to the truth or blinding believing in a lying mans fables?
what’s better to being accepted or remaining faithful?
no blessing from God at the popular table
known to admittedly manipulate
insane washed brain
Valley plastic silicon synagogue of Satan
copy write automate it
Billionaire tales from the crypto current
wavy off the block chain
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