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Battles of the Mind a poem by me

<p>Battles of the Mind a poem by me</p>
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True story

Another traumatic experience to add to my story.

Makes it hard to think and everytime I close my eyes there it is again.

Again and again...

Something I never wanted to happen again happened again.

I think I'm a little screwed up in the head.

Like a wound up clock ticking away.
My mind forever keeps leading me astray.

I snap back to reality "How are you doing?" The doctor asks.

"I'm okay." I say with a painted on smile.

#CPTSD #MightyPoets #Poetry #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Complex Post Traumatic Stress

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Keep Fighting

<p>Keep Fighting</p>
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Sacred Dreams

<p>Sacred Dreams</p>
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× " Master's Of The Rip Tide's... Of Solitude " × # Poetry

× " Riding... The Coastal Pure Wave's... Of Anxiety And Chronic Pain Within Our Soul's... We Must Master How To Channel The Torture Of Neverending Pain.. By Mastering Peace Of Mind.. And Calm Within The Hall's Of Peace... Learning How To Push Forward.. Getting Rid Of Unwanted Advice Or People... We Must Bond Together As A Family To Fight To Stay Happy And In Solitude Within Our Health... We Must Rid Ourselve's Of Toxicity... " × #Poetry ☆ S.K. ☆

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× " A Battlefield Of Scar's Plaguing Of The Mind " × #Poetry

× " Life's A Battle, Full Of Stress, Full Of Chaos × Change.. Constant Struggle...Combat...Weariness.. Circling Range... Be Limbs And Heart's Sore Heavy, Yet Foe And Foe Is Set For A Battlefield Of Interchangeable Mind Game's At Play.. Be Prepared To Wear Scar's Of A Lifetime Of Battle's Within Our Soul's And Mind's " × #Poetry ☆ S. K. ☆

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× " H.O.P.E × H.E.A.L.I.N.G " × # Poetry

× " Hope Is The Thing With Feathers, That Perches In The Soul, And Sing's The Tune Without The Words, And Never Stops At All... " × Heal From Within The Raising Sun... Feel The Breeze Hitting Your Soul On Fire... Walk Along The Deep Blue Cloud's... Letting The Pure Sweet Rain Hit The Cleanse Button To Wash Away The Tear's.... " × #Poetry ☆ S. K. ☆

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× " The Virtue's Of Communication " × #Poetry

× " We May All Disagree With Each Other's Opinion's... But This Doesn't Mean That... We All Dislike One Another... Or That The Other Person Is Angry... This Just Mean's That We As A " Mighty Community " Value Each Other's Thought's × Opinion's... " Let's Treat Each Other With Respect × Grow As A Helpful Mighty Family... " × #Poetry ☆☆ S.K. ☆☆

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