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Alone and Depressed #MentalHealth #Depression #lonely #Poetry

I'm sittin' here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wastin' my time, I got nothin' to do
I'm hangin' around, I'm waitin' for you
But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

I'm sittin' here, I missed the power
I'd like to go out, takin' a shower
But there's a heavy cloud inside my head
I feel so tired, put myself into bed
Well, nothing ever happens
And I wonder

-Lemon Tree, by Fool’s Garden

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° " I'm A Perfect Imperfection Beautifully Flawed " ° #Poetry # T.W.

° " Growing Up I Was Severely Bullied For My Race And Disabilitie's... No Matter How Many Time's I Wanted To End My Life... I Couldn't All Because I Had To Take Care Of Two People.. In My Younger Year's On To My Teenage Year's... I Still Get Bullied As An Adult... And It's Insane... Like How Can People Become So Cruel And Inhumane Toward's Someone Else.. We Are All Human... No Matter How Thing's Are... You Cannot Change Or Try To Mold Someone Into Something That You Want Them To Become... That's Not How Life Work's... Or Change Someone's Imperfection's.. We Are All Beautifully Unique Inside And Out No Matter How People Assume How We Should Become... " ° #Thought 's ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆

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Writing out your thoughts

I've been playing with Meta AI for 2 weeks. I ask it for a prompt for a senryu and then I write it and then it critiques my work. I have really been enjoying this exercise. I've written some really deep senryu.

Senryu is similar to haiku. It's got the same 5 7 5 structure. But haiku is usually about nature while senryu is about the human condition.

Do you like writing poetry? If you feel up to it, share a poem with the group.

#MentalHealth #Poetry #Depression #Anxiety

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° " Loneliness Can Be A Peaceful Gift.... " ° #Poetry

° " Sometime's People Are Lonely For Diffrent Reason's And Choice's... But Ever Since Being On Lockdown At The Beginning Of The Pandemic... Thought's And Feeling's Etc Human Interaction's... Have Definitely Changed... I Don't Like Being Alone... But After Being With Someone Since I Was 18.. Now I Like Being By Myself... Sure I Wished I Had Someone To Talk To... And To Come Home 2... But Then Again I See Alot Of People Daily Everyday At Work.. So It's Very Draining Of My Amount Of Energy... Plus Alot Of Diffrent Personalitie's That I Meet Everyday... So When I'm Alone I Zone Out... And Alot Of People Don't Seem To Understand Why I'm Alone All The Time... Human Interaction's Are Very Draining To Me Now... I'm Not In No Way Being Negative... I'm An INTROVERT... With Feeling's And Emotion's... And A Pure Big Heart And A Personality... That Nobody Will Never Get To See Or Experience... " ° #Thought 's Sincerely, ☆▪︎▪︎☆• Skaoi Kvitravn •☆▪︎▪︎☆

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I'm feeling so accomplished. I've never won anything in my entire life. So to win this, along with getting my poem published is huge for me. I'm turning my tragic story into a world of hope and inspiration. I'm finding my place in the world. I'm finally accomplishing my goal and my mission in life. I hope and pray by telling my story to the world that it's made a positive and significant difference to many lives around the world.

Coming from someone like myself, I have never believed in myself, nor did anyone in my childhood and teenage years. It was a very lonely feeling. I never knew my place in the world. But I didn't allow that to stop me. I kept pushing and pushing. I never gave up. And now look at me. I'm getting my story and all my hard work noticed, along with getting my poetry published and I won a poetry contest. So with that said, no matter what you've been through in life, never allow your past to define who you are. Keep believing in yourself! Don't allow what everyone else thinks of you to deter you from accomplishing your hopes and dreams in life!! Get your story out there and use it to impact lives all around the world.

I now know why God allowed such horrific things to happen to me. He knew and believed I would have the strength and courage to use my story as a way to help others, to be an inspiration to many around the world. He chose me. Yes granted what happened to me felt like I was living in hell but I rose above it, I used it for good. I always fall back on Romans 8:28 when I question why God allowed such horrific acts to fall upon me and defile my character and destroy my spirit. But when I read Romans 8:28, it makes complete sense. It says "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

#Poetry #MentalHealth #Abuse #Survivor #strength #mystory

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I'm super excited! I feel so accomplished! All those who voted on my poem on the "Family Friend Poems", I want to extend a Huge Thank you!! 🤗😁 I also would like to thank all those who took the time out of their day to read and vote on my poem. I hope my poetry has touched your heart and has helped bring peace and inspiration to your life. Everyone has a story to tell. Never be afraid to use your tragic story as an inspiration to the world. Be the change you want to see in the world. It begins with you 🥰🤗 Always believe in yourself!! Anything is worth accomplishing if you put the time and effort into it. #Poetry #Winnerofpoetrycontest #believeinyourself #beaninspiration

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It’s that time of month again. Creative Writing is Creative Thinking. Every last Wednesday of every month, I’ll be reinstating creative thinking but adding Creative Writing is Creative thinking. Let me explain a little more.

The last Wednesday of every month, I am going to post a picture with no words. I would like you to write a sentence of any form you want. You can write poetry, short stories, Diary entries, Journal Entries or letters. I really don’t care but It has to be ONE sentence of your choice.

The purpose of creative writing is creative thinking for members to create something out of nothing. Because a picture is worth a thousand words. So have fun and create. Please no negative comments. Negative comments will be deleted. Please have fun and happy writing. ⬇️
#Writing #stories #Poetry #Letters

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