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    Emily Dickson poems #Poetry

    I saw her book on Monday when I was at the mall. So I decided to buy it. Her poems speaks volumes

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    ¥ " Broken Raven's Wing's " ¥ #Poetry

    ° " What Will Become Of Me... I Feel So Alone And So Exhausted... I Just Want To Embrace... The True Warmth.. Of Affection And Happiness... One Day We Will Never Wake Up.. The Same.. We Would Feel Alot More Into The World We Call ▪︎▪︎"Socially Connected "▪︎▪︎ But Unfortunately Some Of Us Just Aren't That Type Of People... Human's Today Truly Are Rude And Entitled And Think... That Everyone Else Is Beneath Them... No We Are All Struggling Silently... No Matter What... So Hopefully Someone Will Become That Person For You. Me I'm Not Counting On It That's For Sure... The Only Human's That I Have Are ♧... All Of You Are My Ride Or Die Family... ♧ " ° #Poetry •Skaoi Kvitravn •

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    ☆ "Wave's Of Sorrow & Lighting The Tunnel Of Hope"☆ #Poetry

    ¤ " No Matter What I Do Or Where I Wish To Be... There Will Alway's Be Human's... Who Are Used To Verbally Abusing Other's. Rather Than Trying To Help Or Better Someone... To Become Good At Something.. I Litterly Get Verbally Abused And Talked Down Too... And People Alway's Talk Behind My Back Instead Of Listening. When I Have Explained Plenty Of Time's... That I Have "Learning Disabilities" And "Cerebral Palsy" And "Scoliosis"... I Can't Move Quickly Because It Litterly Hurt's... I Never Get Any Help Whatsoever... I Have Asked So Many Time's. Tried Training Other's To Do The Register... But These People Are Never At Work. I'm Trying My Best And It's Never Good Enough... I'm Not Asking For Pity I'm Just Asking For Some Help... And I'm Not A Bad Worker.. I Called Off For The 1st Time... Working At This Restaurant And Get Yelled At For Missing 1 Day. Like Really I Have Co-Worker's Who Constantly Are Never At Work... Something Need's To Change.. No Wonder The Restaurant Industry Cannot Hire Anybody... But Love To Fire Postive Hard Working People. Who Just Want To Earn A Living. "° #Poetry

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    I’ll Never Understand #MightyPoets

    I’ll never understand why he did what he did to me.
    I’ll never understand why she didn’t protect me.
    I’ll never understand why she abandoned me.
    I’ve been told that it’s better that way- not knowing.
    I’ll never understand why I won’t get an apology or an explanation- I have given up trying.
    I’ll never understand why they chose me.
    I’ll never understand. But maybe that’s the point.
    I’ll just never understand I guess.
    And that’s okay.

    #Abuse #PTSD #SexualAssault #SexualAbuseSurvivors #EmotionalAbuse #abandonment #Poetry #Trauma

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    ♡ " Peek-A-Boo!...@ The Mighty Fam " ♡ #Poetry #CheckingIn

    • " Hey There! Longtime No See... Work Has Me At Empty Tank... But I'm Still Kicking It... My Depression Has Kinda Dissappeared. But Still Lurking... Same S### At Work Nothing New... Today I Had Nobody Yell At Me... Or Bug Or Annoy Me To Death Today... The God's Have Been Protecting Me... From Nonsense. I Miss You All So Greatly... All Of You Keep Me From... Going Somewhere Dark And Deep... And I Truly Appreciate That... All The Love In The World That You Give To Me. Is 10,000% Worth It. Idk What I Would Do Without You My Family... ▪︎ " I ▪︎ L.O.V.E ▪︎ YOU! TO THE MOON • AND •BACK GUY'S AND GAL'S... " Sincerely, ~ SKAOI KVITRAVN #AnOpenX -MasLetter

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    Lost parts of me along the way

    I didn’t know why

    Blamed it on a lot of things

    Gave myself a try

    I saw things that weren’t there

    Made plans then didn’t care

    I thought maybe life was just unfair

    Held it in as best I could

    But it clawed out just as it should

    Devoured me and spit me out

    Filled my brain with endless doubt

    Building and wrecking

    Always cleaning messes

    Why did I have to get this?

    Yet there’s magic in the madness

    Joy in the sadness

    Hope in the tragic

    After all empathic

    #Poetry #Bipolar #empath

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    ° "Piercing The Vail Of Dawn"° #Poetry #message

    ☆ " As Human Being's We Are The Only One's... That Are In Charge Of Our Inner Thought's... Weather They Are Dangerous And Chaotic At Time's. We Are The One's In Charge Of Our Mind's Going Off Into The Deep Part's Of Neverending Pain... But We Also Can Take Back Our Mind's... And Keep Fighting To Live The Best Of Our Life Too... We Only Have One Life • One Body •Soul And Mind... To Stay With... We Must Cherish Everything That We Have Weather It's Good Or Bad... It's Just A Part Of This • Tree Of Life • That We Have Been Given... All Though Alot Has Been Very Painful In The Event's Of Lockdown's And Viruse's... We Are All Still Here Cherishing All Walk's Of Life In This Beautiful Community Of People...☆▪︎☆ I Love All Of You... For Real With Everything Fiber Of My Being... You All Have Helped Me Stay Stronger Through My Painful Year Of Self Healing Discovery I Really Appreciate All Of You!! ☆▪︎☆° "Your Mighty Poet" ~ SKAOI KVITRAVN #Poetry #message

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    ° " A Pure Beating Heart Within The Shadowland's.. " ° #Poetry

    ° " Being Left In The Dark Without A Warning Sign... Out Of Nowhere... We Are Left Alone With Nowhere To Go... Or Where To Belong.. In This World... We Bounce Within The Diffrent Path's... Feel Every Feeling And Emotion's Throughout The Speeding Bullet... As In "THOUGHT'S"... "DREAM'S"... "NIGHTMARE'S"... And Still Somehow We Lose Our Piece's Of The Inner Puzzle... That Missing Link... Our Beating Heart's Will Alway's Remain In One Piece... Pure And Unharmed... Rise Into "The Shadowland's " To Unlock... "The Pure Heart Of Hope... For The New Year Ahead "... ° #Poetry • SKADI KVITRAVN •

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    ♤ " What Is Beauty Within One's Mind And Pure Soul " ♤ #Poetry

    ° " Being Told That You're Beautiful... 24/ 7 By My Random Male Customer's... Is A Bit. Odd To Me... Let Me Explain Why I Hate Comment's Like This... Because I Was Never Seen Or Told That I Was Beautiful Or Sexy In My 17 Year's Of Being Married... And So I Don't Feel Or See Myself As Beautiful In Anyway... " YES! I UNDERSTAND THAT IT'S A HUGE ISSUE.. " I Don't Need To Wear Make Up Or Dress Up A Certain Way... I Have Been Called So Many Nasty Name's For No Reason... I Don't Feel The Need To Prove To Anyone That I'm Sexy Or Beautiful... I Can Accomplish That By Just Being My Pure Self... I Don't Need To Fake Something That I'm Really Not... Just To Get Attention Or Stare's... I Honestly Can't Stand When People Stare At Me. It Make's Me Feel Super Uncomfortable... So When Men Complement Me For Being Beautiful.. I View It As A Lie... " ° ☆ ▪︎ SKADI KVITRAVN ▪︎ ☆ #Thought 's

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