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    ¥ " Blood Of The Viking Princess & Sacrifice's " ¥ #Poetry

    ♤ " Lost Within The Pain Of Not Knowing The Unknown.. Thing's Are Changing.. Within Every Waking Hour.. Happiness Is A Choice Not A Given... Solitude Is A Must For Survival.. Within The Dawning Of Time.. Joy Come's And Goe's.. Where Do We All Go From Here.. Within The Hall's Of Mental Mind Locked Away.. Wrecking Havoc Every Day And Night... Break Free To Find The Solution To A Better Well Being And A Meaningful Life Of Self Healing.. " ♤ ☆▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎☆ #Poetry

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    ¡ " Nobody Has The Right To Be Judgemental Of People's Thought's & Want's In Life " ! #Poetry .

    ♤ " I Deserve Love And Happiness.. And More... I Work Extremely Hard For The Thing's That I Could Never Afford... I Don't Live In The Past... I Live And Fight For The Present... And Future... " I DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD CONSTANTLY TO JUST LOVE MYSELF! "... Do Any Of You Actually Truly Love Yourselve's Ask Yourself.. That Question... I Have Diffrent Way's Of Loving Myself.. Etc But I Also Deserve Someone Special In My Life Also... Nobody Has A Right To Tell Other People How To Feel And Live Thier Life... I Have Been Through Alot In My Life.. And Being Very Judgemental In Not Nice Or Fair... If Someone Is Trying To Heal And Do The Best That They Can In Thier Own Journey In #MentalHealth ... Please R.E.S.P.E.C.T... Thier Thought's And Wishe's... It Won't Switch On A Dime.. Thing's Take Time... " ♤ #Thought 's ☆▪︎☆SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎☆

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    A poem from my new book, Count Each Breath

    <p>A poem from my new book, Count Each Breath</p>
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    ♧ " GOOD MORNING! " ♧ #ShoutOut !#takingabreak

    ¥ " I'm Leaving For Awhile... I'm Just Not In It Right Now... I Will Not Be Posting For A Good While... Especially My #Poetry ... And Meeting Human's I'm Just Done... People Are Just Too Much... Especially When Very Sick... I'm Hitting My Mental State Of A Breaking Point... You All Will Be Fine Without Me... Take Good Care Of Yourselve's... " ¥ Sincerely, "YOUR MIGHTY RESIDENTIAL POET" °•°•°SKADI KVITRAVN°•°•° #takingabreak

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    ☆ " Fate Of Hate " ☆ #Poetry #Thought 's

    ☆ " Human's Are Rare Sometime's... Some Are Funny And Kind... Some Are Unique In Thier Own Way's... But Within Our #MentalHealth Struggle's.. We Become Invincible And A Bother To Other People... All Of The Sudden... We Have Become Annoying... To Some Degree... To Be Honest I Come On This App Just To Check In On People... But Now It Seem's That Troll's Have Become À Virus On Here... With The Constant Wave Of Negative Comment's.. For No Reason.. I Personally Come On Here.. To Help Other People.. Because It Bring's Me Joy... But Now I Have No Time... Because Of Work.. If Nobody Like's What I Write Please Don't Read It... If It Bother's You So Much.. Skip It... I'm Going On A Break Again Take Care Peep's " ☆ SKADI #Thought 's

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    ☆ " The Viking Princess With A Pure Heart Of Gold " ☆ #Poetry #self -Image

    ☆ " I'am Only Nice To Other's Who Are Kind And Nice Back... I Will Alway's Help Someone In Need.. I Will Alway's Put A Smile On Other People's Face's... To Brighten Thier Day... I Love To Learn About All Mental Health Issue's... That Other People Go Through.. And Make It My Mission To Understand And Learn More.. To Help Them Become Better Reflection's Of Themselve's.. I Have Alway's.. Had This Need To Just Help Other People.. It All Started When I Found My Father Half Way On The Floor.. He Was At Time Dying From Cancer... I Put Him Back Into Bed.. At The Age Of 6 Year's Old... But Sometime's I'm Weary Of People Alway's Trying To Take Advantage Of Me.. I'm Not Nieve Maybe When I Was Alot Younger... Now I Just Don't Trust Anyone Anymore Especially Men... I Will Alway's Be On Guard With My Emotion's And Feeling's... I May Take Time To Be Fully Open With People... It's Definitely Harder To Keep All Of My Mental And Physical Health In Line... People Alway's Assume That I'm Just A Mean Grumpy B****.... All The Time.. That's Just Not True.. I Live With Chronic Pain..Memory Loss.. Hearing Loss And More.. But I Put On A Happy Face To Really Hide My Pain.. Nothing More... All That I Really Wish And Ask Is To Be Understanding..Kind..Patient"☆ Sincerely, " Your Mighty Viking Princess " ☆ SKADI ☆ #Poetry #self -Image

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    The Raincoat by Ada Limón

    <p>The Raincoat by Ada Limón</p>
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    Community Voices

    × " F.I.E.R.C.E & F.R.E.E " × #Poetry #OnThePathToDiscovery

    × " Finally Discovering... How I Feel About Who I'am And Who I Want To Be.. 《 " A.C.E × D.E.M.I " 》Is Who I Really I'am Becoming.. I Finally Feel Free With My Sexuality.. I Have Felt Unique And Diffrent My Entire Life.. I Just Didn't Really Know That I Would Be More Unique Both... Discoverie's Fit Me And Call To Me.. No I'm N.O.T. A Prude Etc.. TO BE HONEST I JUST DON'T LIKE HAVING SEX.. There's A Reason It's Because I Get Exhausted.. And In Chronic Pain.. So I Just Don't Even Bother With It.. I Know ☆ " !S.H.O.C.K.E.R¡ " ☆ I'm Not Boring I'm Just Not Into It Unless I Feel Safe And Comfortable And Know My Partner Very Well.. Since Coming-Out To All Of You My Mighty Family.. I'm More Happier Than I've Ever Been.. In My Whole Life.. And To The Mightie's Helping And Guiding Me Through This New Big Adventure.... ☆▪︎" A B.I.G T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U !"▪︎☆ You Know Who You All Are ♡.. My Self Confidence Has Boosted To 1,000.. " × #Poetry #Thought 's ☆▪︎"SKADI KVITRAVN"▪︎☆

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    Dear God

    If I die will I finally have some peace
    Or will you deny my presence as soon as I reach heavens peek?!