I’m 57. I should be able to adult by now, no problem. But I still struggle to speak up for myself, especially to my children. I get nervous. I act like a child who’s waiting for dad to get home from work because mom called him to tell him I got into trouble. Geez, I don’t know why either.
Last night my daughter didn’t ask me if she could use my car, she just asked me where my keys were because she’s taking it to work and didn’t want to wake me looking for them. I started to say why she couldn’t use my car but it didn’t go well because I got nervous. This morning I told my son-in-law about my insurance coverage. I didn’t have enough money to put everyone on it (I used my small inheritance from my dad to pay for insurance because my daughter couldn’t pay for it as she promised). I hardly drive anywhere so my coverage cost $738 for six months coverage. I’m hoping that they will be caught up on their bills by then to pay my insurance by then. Anyway I explained to him I have an excellent record and if she gets into an accident in my car they’ll have to pay out of pocket to repair it (because they’re not covered)
My daughter came home early and isn’t speaking to me. 😟 I won’t change my mind and cave but she sure makes living hell
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