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    Weekly Emotional Rollercoaster

    I'm wondering if it's just me and if I'm right it's probably not. So I've noticed that each day of the week carries with it certain pressures and feelings that come about for me. Friday, I am calm. I feel at ease that the week is over and I'm going into the weekend. Saturday, I sleep in and hide from the world but then somehow come alive and feel vibrant enough to do something. Sunday, I begin feeling angst and feeling guilty for what I haven't done and panicked about all that I have to do. It takes a toll on me sleep-wise and intensifies my negative self-talk. Monday, I am drained before I even get out of bed because my mind has exhausted and raked me over the coals all night. Tuesday, I am afraid that I won't make it through the rest of the week without being confused and unmotivated. Wednesday, I feel the desire to hang on just a little bit more because I'm halfway there and it's almost over. Thursday, anxiety kicks in because I haven't really accomplished anything worth discussing and the vicious cycle continues on and on, week after week. Have you experienced this? Do you have any advice that could help me? #Anxiety #stressful #Adulting #Bipolar #mood #MoodDisorder #Depression #Bipolar2 #SocialAnxiety #sundowns #wellness #stressfuldays #harddays #StrongerTogether


    FRIYAY! #Adulting #Work

    Well, it is Friday. I usually don’t work in Fridays but I am working today. I really gotta stop messing with my work schedule because I always end up mad about it. Annoyed with myself for moving things around. How great it would be if I could stay home today. And if I didn’t need the hours soooooo badly I totally would. #Sarcoidosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD


    Adulting Sucks #Work #Adulting

    Wednesday morning, why do you hate me? 😂 Man Oh man I woke feeling horrible this morning. I know it is because of my monthly friend (though that friend isn’t too friendly). I REALLY wish I didn’t have to go to work and I could totally call in but I know I shouldn’t. It is soooooo tempting. I could just lay back down in my comfy bed. Man….that would be great!!! Oh well, I guess I have to go adult now. Adulting is so totally over rated. Ugh! #Sarcoidosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Depression #Anxiety #ADHD #Autism


    Drowning in debt and mental health struggles

    Does anyone else feel like they're on a really scary hamster wheel? I've made poor financial choices because of my mental health and because of my mental health I'm in debt and I'm in debt because of my mental health and it just keeps going round and round and round. I can't get out of this cycle of debt. I can barely see the psychologist on a regular basis because I can't afford my copay every other week. The sad part is I make decent money but I can't manage it because I have mental health issues. I don't know what do at all because I'm drowning in bills from my inpatient stay, I can't get caught up on bills, credit card debt or medical bills and it makes my anxiety and depression worse. I feel like I'm never going to get out of this cycle and there's no hope or help. I don't go out with friends because I never have any money left over after bills and my friends don't understand and think I just don't want to hang out with them. I'm 34 and I have no savings no 401k nothing. The future scares me and I feel like I'm a financial mess and a failure. I have a hard enough time dealing with my emotions, depression and my anxiety on a regular basis when things don't creep in and I don't let my mind run away with me. But the worries of financial stress on top of everything else has made life a living nightmare. #financialnightmare #Anxiety #everydaylife #lifestruggles #Adulting

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    Hi, it’s been a year #Anxiety #FunctioningDepression

    Well holy moly, it’s been a year since I’ve posted anything on this app. So, let me reintroduce myself…Hi again! My name is Emily. I’m now twenty seven years old and like many, I still struggle with depression, anxiety and other parts of the emotional rollercoaster called LIFE.

    I feel over the past year, parts of me have gotten better at dealing with my highs and lows. I don’t feel I dip as low as I used to or hit high peaks as often as I once did either. I find I’m starting to manage being in the middle of it all. Which I guess is good? I’ve spent many years chasing a happiness that I thought every person had to constantly be. But that’s not how life is. I’ve found people who seem overly happy-go-lucky all the time really annoy me.. because it’s so far from any type of real. At least in my opinion. But atlas, here I am. Im learning to be okay with not being okay some days and also accepting just being. Now don’t get me wrong, some days can be significantly more difficult than others..but, overall I feel more at peace with myself than I have in forever. That may also be due to the fact that im getting older. Whatever the case, im happy to just be and to understand that it’s okay to be just as I am. Im not an overly happy person, but im also not as sad and gloomy as I once was. Im just here. Going through the motions. Trying to live and “adult” as we all do. Yea, I do have happy moments and times, but that doesn’t have to be always. And that’s completely okay. Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully I’ll make more of an effort to post more again. #ChasingLife #Adulting #Anxiety #MoodDisorders #DepressionIsABitch #Cheers



    I’m 57. I should be able to adult by now, no problem. But I still struggle to speak up for myself, especially to my children. I get nervous. I act like a child who’s waiting for dad to get home from work because mom called him to tell him I got into trouble. Geez, I don’t know why either.
    Last night my daughter didn’t ask me if she could use my car, she just asked me where my keys were because she’s taking it to work and didn’t want to wake me looking for them. I started to say why she couldn’t use my car but it didn’t go well because I got nervous. This morning I told my son-in-law about my insurance coverage. I didn’t have enough money to put everyone on it (I used my small inheritance from my dad to pay for insurance because my daughter couldn’t pay for it as she promised). I hardly drive anywhere so my coverage cost $738 for six months coverage. I’m hoping that they will be caught up on their bills by then to pay my insurance by then. Anyway I explained to him I have an excellent record and if she gets into an accident in my car they’ll have to pay out of pocket to repair it (because they’re not covered)
    My daughter came home early and isn’t speaking to me. 😟 I won’t change my mind and cave but she sure makes living hell
    #stressed #Adulting #beingresponsible


    Feelings of envy and depression

    For the last three weeks, I’ve been dealing with yet another work injury, but this time it’s upper body; entirely pulled my latisimis dorsi muscle. I’m so freaking done. I know that this is my life and I have to deal with the aspect that my body will not allow me to be as physically inclined as others are. I legit cannot afford a lower paying full time job as a cashier somewhere. I’m trying to move out (finally) with my boyfriend of almost 5 years and I’m no going to throw that away. I thought about getting disability, but then again I can’t because of the abundance of lawyers I’d need. It’s just every time something starts to go right in my life, something else comes back around to make everything worse again. My medical condition is the one thing keeping me back from destroying my depression. I envy those who can do whatever; I know I’m not as bad as some other people are limitation wise, but to me with what I wanna do is killing my youth. I feel like I have the body of a 50 year-old woman and the mental stability of…well.. I’m not too sure tbh. I just want help finding solutions and kind of plan out what I need to do in order to feel better. I feel like it’s getting harder to stay positive. #Anxiety #Depression #Independence #help #BodyPositive #Misery #Adulting


    How do you stop talking to your parents everyday?

    My mom and dad both have almost died by the time I reached 20 and now at 23 I moved home during the pandemic because I didn’t want them to be alone and to help them but it’s too much on my mental health. I have CPTSD and panic attack disorder but I was still able to attend university on my own the last few years but moving back home has made it worse and harder to get better. When I was away I still talked to my parents everyday and it’s honestly toxic as they aren’t the most supportive and can both be verbally abusive. But with their health I don’t know how long they will be here. #CPTSD #EmotionalNeglect #Childhood #Adulting #EmotionalAbuse #Toxic

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    Feeling pretty hopeless at the moment

    Is it possible to even afford “low income” housing on disability? Right now, I’ve been looking for housing entirely on my own because the various people and programs that claim they’ll help have been very defeatist. Maybe they’re right idk but I’ve found more housing opportunities than I ever thought I could and that are advertised to the public. I was feeling really proud of myself and all the effort I’d put into finding these places, looking through job postings only to realize that the company could be a resource for housing and not so much for employment. But every time I reach out to the building management or leasing company about rent it’s the same thing, “we’re an income restricted place and this is our rent...” and the rent has never gone below $900! Even with my disability I’d never survive! And I don’t qualify for help from some housing places cuz I’m not homeless, I’m living with my mom. But she’s older, to start, and I don’t want to live with her forever and we have a tumultuous relationship. I feel like I either have to be homeless, now, or will be forced into homelessness if something happens to my mom. I don’t want to sound hyperbolic or trivialize anyone’s experience with homelessness. I just feel stuck because the very systems designed to “help” feel like they don’t help people prosper. And I finally got rid of my SI means that I’d had for years but I now wish I hadn’t cuz feeling trapped is a HUGE trigger for me😩😭 I suppose like it says in the song I’ve been listening to “speed bumps only make you aware” so I guess I need to check my blindspots and keep pulling ahead, so to speak 😕 #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Adulting #Disability #Ssdi #Housing #housingassistance #hopelessness #Depression


    Mistaking Autistic Meltdowns for being stroppy.... #Autism #Meltdown

    Had Meltdown at work. People who work with know about the autism and I try...try...try..try and try to explain it. It’s so frustrating you can’t force someone to understand or make someone. Heard someone saying I strope aka the autism meltdowns. It’s really upsetting cause I thought they understood but clearly they just saying that.
    #Meltdown #Autism #Adulting