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¿ " So I Had A Busy Day At Work... I Had A Panic Attack "? #Burnout

¿ " I Got To Work In A Good Calm Mood... And Once I Clocked Into Work At 8A.M. ▪︎ My Mood Was Trashed... Within A Minute.. My General Manager Is On Vacation And I Got Stuck With A New Assistant Manager That Doesn't Know How To Run Our Store... They Were So Behind On Order's And Didn't Have Anything Ready... I Alway's Have To Litterly Pick Up Everyone's Slack.. And It's Become To The Point Where I'm Going To Have Another #mental Breakdown... I Want To Leave This Pointless Job.. But My Main Boss Is Overly Dependent On Me... For Everything... And It's Starting To Litterly Break Me I'am A Human Being Not Thier Working Machine To Solve Everything For This Stupid Restaurant Who Can't Get Themselve's In Order And Organized...It Was Super Rough And A Nightmare. And The District Manager Is Supposed To Stop By With Other People For A Visit.. Back To Work Tomarrow... " ? #stressed #Depression #Anxiety ☆ S.K. ☆

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Going back to God

Hi Everyone I am trying to bea better Christian for myself and for God. I left because I was going through a lot in hindsight I should have stay but I didn't. #stressed #scared

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21 Year Old Daughter

I'd like to start by explaining there was the time in our relationship when my daughter did not live with me. She was alienated from me by her father and his then girlfriend and lived with them approximately four years. This was extremely difficult for me and I ended up inpatient at that time.

My daughter and the girlfriend got into a very big fight when she was 18 and she moved back home. She had friends over drinking and smoking weed all the time. We clashed over it many times. Last year in January we got into another argument and she punched me in the nose. I kicked her out. I believe she has explosive disorder and possibly bipolar.

So then I was living alone and I do not do well alone. She was needing a place to stay and of course I'm her mom and have a big heart and I am a doormat so I welcomed her back in. We discussed how things would go and we talk about things after we have disagreements. We're very conscious of each other's feelings. And we really are making Headway. But now I have to move. She wasn't supposed to be living with me because I have housing assistance for one person. Most young people live at home still.

Now with us both scrambling to find a place she has decided to go to school and live on campus. With her dog. Wants to certify him as a support animal.
Normally this would be a good idea but she works overnights and is exhausted and moody and sleeps during the day. Then she picks up my grandson from daycare.
I truly don't feel she is in the mindset or has the motivation or energy to give School the attention in order to succeed. Also she is trying to get housing because she doesn't want to pay for an apartment and end up like me. In poverty.

I can see this becoming a failure but I guess I just have to let her figure it out? Idk....
#Daughter #confuses #stressed #dontknowwhattodo


Just Too Much #Anxiety #frustration #needhelp

You ever have a an hour, day, week, month or even year when things just got to be too much? Like you're on emotional overload then it results in either shutting down or lashing out? That's how things have been for me lately. These past few weeks have just worn me out both mentally and physically. Working full time, managing my mental health and maintaining a healthy relationship have become somewhat of a challenge. It seems like the littlest things set me off to either shut down and want to be alone or for my emotions to explode (not just anger but sadness too). I'll cry uncontrollably for apparently no reason, I'll become irritated and touchy. I'll shut down and not respond. When I do respond, it's with intensity.

I do have a history of trauma, so maybe my emotions are telling me that I have more processing to do. Or maybe I'm just under too much stress. I haven't been sleeping well (have been getting up super early) then staying up all day. Today I tried to rest but my thoughts are racing and all I feel like doing is screaming into a void. Since I can't do that I have to find another outlet. I have been reading about stress reduction techniques but haven't found anything that works. Perhaps all this stress and being on an emotional rollercoaster (#BipolarDisorder ) is finally taking a toll on me. I feel like there is no period of stability in between mood episodes (yes I told my psychiatrist and he put me on a new medication).

Maybe all these rapidly changing episodes combined with the trauma is causing more problems than it is solving. Right now I just need encouragement and support. Normally I try to support and encourage others but tonight I need the support, prayers and encouragement. I'm tired in general, but especially tired of the emotional rollercoaster. #PTSD doesn't help either because the intrusive memories can trigger me to be more emotional and #BPD makes regulating those emotions even harder.

I don't want to give up but I feel like I am going backwards and relapsing with some of my symptoms. Which I guess is normal with stress. I want to work, and have a great relationship but that seems hard right now. I'm just really struggling and again I would greatly appreciate the prayers, support and encouragement. Stay safe and reach out for help as always.

Blessings to you all,


#SexualAbuse #EmotionalAbuse #Childhoodtrauma #stressed #needhelp #PTSD #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #frustration

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Too broken #Depression #Anxiety #stressed #MentalHealth

I don’t think that I am gonna be again ever again, this swing moods that I have them now they’re killing me. I started to think that CBT group session that I am doing now will not ever gonna work, partially used to work when my mind was empty.
I really struggle to be okay, everyone except too much from my side, I don’t think I can look good anymore, I’m just too broken and can’t keep my chin up, I’m drained and exhausted

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Feeling tired and drained

Yesterday I had to go on a long draining trip that would raise my anxiety and cause me to come close to crying and a mental breakdown several times. Not fun. But so I am trying to de-stress today as much as I can. And not let anything get to me which is extremely hard in my case. #Anxiety #stressed #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Hey guys, I have been really stressed lately and I feel only like 4 people care. Send some positive vibes, please? #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #MoodDisorder #stressed

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Am I a bad friend

I have a really good guy friend I love dearly, but recently his girlfriend has been saying he and I are too close. I love both of my friends I have known them for a long time. Every one of our other friends has said to me that our friendship is perfectly normal so who's in the wrong? I just feel stressed because the other day he was walking next to me and she said don't stand so close to her god and pushed us apart. She keeps saying we're in the wrong. All he has to do is touch me accidentally or look at me for too long and she flips out. She won't listen to me.

#bestfriend #stressed #Love


When your brain is taxed

Wassup fellow warriors! Just curious, am learning I am extremely sensitive to stress. My brain easily and quickly gets taxed. I try not to push myself too hard as it can result in an episode and I want to handle myself with kid gloves. Anyway, when your brain is taxed yet you have more responsibilities in your day, how do you rest your brain so that you can continue to knock to dos off your list? Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, peeps! #stressed #Brain #kidgloves #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

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