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#bilateraltrigeminalneuralgia #TrigeminalNeuralgia

Screw this bilateral trigem pain with the business end of a rake. Having a rough time. Trying to have an actual career with this kind of pain is so freaking difficult.


Grasping at straws

I’ve been seeing a neurologist for almost a year, my visit this past Tuesday he told me he didn’t know how to help me anymore. I’m angry, frustrated and I don’t know what to do! There aren’t many options in my area for neurologist, so I’m searching. But when I’m in a flair I’m pretty much stupid. The pain is horrific, especially when both sides are bothering me at the same time.
#TrigeminalNeuralgiaType1 #TrigeminalNeuralgiaType2


I’m nervous

I have had fibromyalgia for 5 years and trigeminal neuralgia for 2 years. Then 1 year in I got shingles of the eye and my L sided trigeminal neuralgia became bilateral. Recently I started having left arm weakness, pain, and numbness as well as chest pains. I had an X-ray of my neck and it said I was showing straightening of my cervical spine so I got put on meloxicam and Zanaflex. Took the Zanaflex and had level 10 pain in between my shoulder blades. I have an EMG for my arm on Monday and now with the pain between my shoulder blades I have a chest X-ray and a thoracic spine series... I’m 28. I’m active. I have a career. Hell I just bought myself a badass sports car. I don’t want anymore of this shit. I just got the trigeminal semi under control and I’m nervous. I’m mad. I’m angry. I’ve been angry for years. #Fibromyalgia #TrigeminalNeuralgia #bilateraltrigeminalneuralgia #fuckpain