Does anyone else use things that they're mad about , to fuel them to be productive? I allow little things with my kids, husband, friends, work, that have been bothering me to get angry because being mad allows me adrenaline and energy to be able to get things done that I can't seem to normal get done because I'm exhausted. Today I kept thinking about things and got all upset and I was able to get dressed, out of the house(1st rimes since July 1st) I was able to go to the store, clean the house and laundry all because of thing about those things and then when I sat down and my husband asked my i was mad, and I told him. Im not really mad, I just needed to get things account and thinks abut things that upset me allows me to be able to, yet when I'm done I sit down and I'm so wore out I can barely move or open my eyes..Am I the only one who does this?
#Angerissues #BipolarObsessiveness #bipolarupsanddowns #Adrenaline