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The biggest battle is getting out of bed!

Today I have two appts shrink and therapy I was up a lot with adrenaline rushes and I’m tired. I am the one always giving encouragement but today I just could use a pep talk as I stare at my salt water to drink and coffee. I know it will be a great day once I get up and get moving but when your tired it’s hard to do that. I look forward to my time with God so that motivates me and then hanging with my dog and child. But man on these exhausted days I could use a full on cheer squad 😂anyone else feel me?

#POTS #AutonomicDysfunction #GAD #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #Adrenaline #exhaustion #Hope #coffee #professionalovercomer

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There's days I don't understand when I feel so alive and ready to conquer the world. My mind keeps thinking, I come up with a great idea but then I forget what the great idea was. Other days I can't get up and feel sluggish and just want to sleep all day. Then the fun days I get up and start cleaning, organizing, planning, wiping things down around the home and it feels so good inside like a just woke up with all this energy inside that needs to burn down. And by the middle of the day, I'm so worn off and ready to lay down. #Anxiety is when you just can't stop moving or worrying. #Adrenaline is having too much energy in your blood. #MoodDisorders #Mania is one of the things that can be good or bad. Some last and some don't. #StayStrong #youarenotalone


Pots and being startled #LivingWithPOTS #POTSLife

Does an adrenaline dump occur when you’re startled?
Does anyone else despise being startled or yelled at because it makes them feel nauseous and shaky for hours? Is this normal for pots? #Adrenaline #LivingWithPOTS


Panic Poetry 1

Too much worry and anxiety. Too many stressers. Too jumpy and jittery. Too much adrenaline. Too much of that metallic tang in my mouth. Too much everything. Too much, too much, too much. #PanicAttack #Anxiety #Fear #Adrenaline #CPTSD #Depression #sotired #LupusOrphan #CHFOrphan


Adrenaline #Adrenaline #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #surges #hyperadrenergicpots #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

I guess i made a wrong decision in saying yes i get anxiety when my new nurse practitioner asked me. I didn't think after she wouldn't take me seriously. Doesn't everyone in this new age get anxiety? I am not talking about that i know anxiety lady. I'm tired of my body constantly telling me to go go go GOOOOO. even when i sleep. When im sitting eating. When im smoking ganga. It happens always. I've always had it. I am a forever energizer bunny that never stops. Never been diagnosed of course, who's going to believe an unsure 25 year old woman? Not many i know that much. It's getting to the point where i feel others are getting annoyed of me talking about myself but like no one gets it. They just think im a weirdo, even my family. Idk its easy to give up when no one gets it and like is it going to keep getting worse? Am i ever going to be in a calm state? Will my body ever be calm? I thought when i was younger i would grow out of this "hyperness" its just honestly so tiring at times when other times it helps me get shit done. Back to my nurse practitioner story before i interrupted myself. I told her i might have POTS and she shrugged it off going oh yeahhh a lot of people get that and it comes akd goes. She didn't even want to do a test. Made it seem unimportant. Just like everyone else and oh i had to pay her for that? I just want some understanding in how my own body works. Some people might think i am a hypochondriac but i just go to things that might fit what's up with my body. I know my body shouldn't always be in this state and yet it always is. Yes i can do party tricks. Yes i pass the beighton test. But it is a matter of someone believing in me and actually figuring it out. Which i don't have the money to even figure out if i do have well something i guess. But what importance is it if everyone is dealing with their own issues.

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Adrenaline Strength

My beautiful 10yr old dog, Savannah, collapsed in our backyard today from heat exhaustion. She was playing with our 1yr old dog for no more than 15 minutes when I found her panting heavily in a puddle of foaming saliva. My adrenaline quickly kicked in and all my chronic pain left my body. I lifted her 85 lb lethargic body up and carried her into our home to the tile floor. He body laid there, convulsing while her eyes fixated on me. I could tell she was going to need emergency medical attention so I called the hotline and followed their instruction to give a rectal temperature. 106 degrees ferenheit and climbing. They instructed me to put her in a bath of cold water. I lifted her up again, like she was the weight of a pillow and carried her to our upstairs bathroom with the tub. There I doused her body with cupfuls of water while the bath tub filled. Savannah’s tongue hung outside her mouth, white and dry to the touch, with foam at the corners of her mouth. He stomach vibrated across the top of the water causing ripples and waves in the tub. My husband came in to the room, freshly home from his interrupted golf game, asking how he could help. I instructed him to grab a towel to put in the car and start the AC. Once again my adrenaline infused strength allowed me to lift my wet, panting dog out of the tub and carry her effortlessly down the stairs and into the garage to place her in the car.

Hours later my body is still feeling the comedown of the rush. My dog is hooked up to IV fluids and being monitored at the pet hospital overnight. The vet said we did all the correct things and our dog, our first child that brought our family together would be fine come tomorrow. I’ve never experienced adrenaline strength before, but now I completely understand how a person could lift a car off a person they love. #Motherhood #ChronicPain #companiondogs #Adrenaline

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Bipolar Mood Swings

Does anyone else use things that they're mad about , to fuel them to be productive? I allow little things with my kids, husband, friends, work, that have been bothering me to get angry because being mad allows me adrenaline and energy to be able to get things done that I can't seem to normal get done because I'm exhausted. Today I kept thinking about things and got all upset and I was able to get dressed, out of the house(1st rimes since July 1st) I was able to go to the store, clean the house and laundry all because of thing about those things and then when I sat down and my husband asked my i was mad, and I told him. Im not really mad, I just needed to get things account and thinks abut things that upset me allows me to be able to, yet when I'm done I sit down and I'm so wore out I can barely move or open my eyes..Am I the only one who does this?
#Angerissues #BipolarObsessiveness #bipolarupsanddowns #Adrenaline


Does adrenaline/exercise cause vertigo with anyone else?

Last night the paramedics had to come and take me to the ER because of dizzy/room spinning and ringing in my left ear and projectile vomiting. I was totally coherent but I couldn’t move without becoming violently sick. I always get a ringing in ears and dizziness every day when I begin my workouts and also if I get too scared or angry etc. This is the first time I have vomited, the last episode I almost vomited. The nausea lasted two or more hours after the vertigo had stopped. Has anyone else experienced this? #POTS #vestiblularmigraine #Vertigo #Adrenaline #Dizziness #MAV #Stroke