Not many people know about #Merld (mixed expressive-receptive language disorder). Most that get this diagnosis are ones going into the ER with #swhile ,everehesdtrauma. While there are some, 6%, whom are #bornwithit ... like my son.
I had a hard pregnancy... not just because of my son's stubbornness. I was engaged for 3 years... and had things going okay. Then, we started fighting a ton. I was ready to end the relationship, when I found out I was pregnant. During this time, my treatment from my fiancé started getting worse. I had panic attacks... I was pushed, punched... I was in a fight for me and my unborn child. I had never been hit until now. I often wonder... if this is what caused my son's issues he has. I know some are genetic... but I wonder about the Merld one with this the most, as it is the fontal lobe that is affected and causes these issues.

I new when my son was young that he had something going on. he would get anger bursts as a baby. He was evaluated at age 5 by the U of M for Autism. He was denied... with videos of his outbursts and all his delays. It was $150 out of pocket and I was a struggling single mom. I was working 2 to 3 jobs at the time.
I was told my son's issues were caused by me from relatives. I was given crazy looks from teachers. However, I kept fighting for my son, as his proper education is important to me. I knew how hard being different growing up is. I also grew up around my special cousins. I knew that something inside my son was not connecting
My son was diagnosed at 5 years old with ADHD and MERLD at Lifeways in our home town. He was seen there from 2010 until 2017.
As he has grown, he has gotten more issue that we have seen and brought attention to. ASD tendencies (He is still high functioning for this and doesn't meet enough markers for an official diagnosis... limiting the help he is eligible for.), mild dyslexia, Generalized Anxiety, ODD, Sensory issues, Sleep apnea, Raynaud's Syndrome ( )....
Some of these issues he will grow out of like his sleep apnea... and hopefully his Raynaud's Syndrome. He was recently told he no longer needs his sleep apnea machine (c-pap). I am hoping that his Raynaud's will be the same. If not... he has circulation socks and gloves.
So up to this current day... Our freshman son reads above this district's average (thanks to a school - MGLVA that helped him in 4th grade). He still has some dyslexic issues in Math. History this year was horrible for him and it is his favorite subject.
I will always be an advocate for m children. I have one rule... that they try their hardest to learn and do their best. I will not help unless they have not tried first. I refuse to do the work for them.
I have thought about doing a blog for my MERLD ... but, I have no clue about blogs. I think it would not only help others, but my Merld son. Any suggestions on the blog?