Im so stressed and low right now. I have pudendal neuralgia and colorectal issues and am receiving really good care from the hospital in London which is great but I live in Cornwall, the furthest place in the country from the hospital. Earlier this year I had to go there once a week for 8 weeks, now its every week for 4 weeks plus countless appts in between. It costs me £400 a time and I can only work part time, I get a small amount of benefit but this is breaking me financially.
The hope is by the end of this year I'll have a stim fitted to better manage the pain and from the trial of it I had it did reduce it by half... I feel guilty complaining when there are so many without proper treatment of this condition. I've so far got into £3500 of debt from hotel (cheapest I can find) and travel and am getting so stressed out from worrying about money its making my pain worse and Im barely sleeping. I set up a crowdfunder but took it down quickly as it felt wrong asking people for money. When I mentioned the idea to my parents and partner they all said it was a very bad idea yet offer little in the way of solutions. They say when the hospital trips slow down I can put the money im not spending into paying off the credit card, but I'm living hand to mouth as it is... just so frustrated by all of this