@dustykneecap this is a photo of how I did last month’s charting. I used a heart to show where I felt that morning. And I was trying to be clever and crafty and make the hearts look like flowers and stems but I’m not a very tactful artist. 😂

My plotting points are only placed in the middle row. I made the rows bigger just for the size of the chart. I guess I could use the 3 rows as sub-ratings....like....Coffee SHOULD help today - if I put a heart in the top row (of 3) means I’m hopeful that it will help but if I put the heart in the bottom row (of 3) then I think Coffee could help but I’m not banking on it. 😝☕️

I hope this helps to clarify. I do a LOT of charting. It’s just the tool that works for me and I get to use all my glitter gel pens.

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