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An App I Find Useful

I have been using apps on my phone and tablet to track and help my mental health issues. One app I find really helpful in the fight against self-harm is called Calm Urge. It's protected by pin code you choose. You track whether you remained self-harm free, how easy it difficult your day was how you felt and your concerns.
I have been free from self harm for 178 days, 8 hours, 50 minutes and 36 seconds so far since using the app.
I do pay $4.99 to get the premium service for this. I find what it does in keeping me safe is worth it. #calmurge #moodtracking #Selfharm

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How do you track your moods?

I have cyclothymic disorder, so mood tracking is pretty essential. This is how I do it! I use a planner and color code it. Pink is good, red represents my struggle days and yellow is for the neutral days!

What do you do? #moodtracking #Bipolar #Trauma

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Tracking my “Get-up-and-Go” Ability

This is just a continuation of a posts I’ve shared before. I enjoy my bullet journals and am always trying to find inventive ways of tracking my daily habits and progress. I’m not seeking an outcome of any quantifiable measure, but the process of identifying my ambition and watching it ebb and flow, is therapeutic for me.

This is one page of my journal that I have created and started using. Each level is a gradual increase from the next. “Not gonna happen....” being the decoration that today is too overwhelming for whatever reason. “I’m good” being that I feel level, able to confront the day, and not too much stopping me from progressing forward as planned. “To Infinity and Beyond....” is basically for those days when I’m happy to wake up and excited for the day.

I’m debating on whether or not to put stems on my flowers but the last month when I used stems it kinda made it look messy. So I think I will keep them stemless for now. 😁

I’m sharing this because I’ve often wondered if there are creative outlets to manage my daily functions. So I can’t possibly be the only curious mind out there. ☺️

#MDD #BPD #tracking #moodtracking #CreativeOutlets #BulletJournals

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Follow up from previous post...

@dustykneecap this is a photo of how I did last month’s charting. I used a heart to show where I felt that morning. And I was trying to be clever and crafty and make the hearts look like flowers and stems but I’m not a very tactful artist. 😂

My plotting points are only placed in the middle row. I made the rows bigger just for the size of the chart. I guess I could use the 3 rows as SHOULD help today - if I put a heart in the top row (of 3) means I’m hopeful that it will help but if I put the heart in the bottom row (of 3) then I think Coffee could help but I’m not banking on it. 😝☕️

I hope this helps to clarify. I do a LOT of charting. It’s just the tool that works for me and I get to use all my glitter gel pens.

#charting #BPD #MDD #moodtracking #CreativeOutlets #BulletJournals

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Does anyone have a mood tracking app they really like? Looking for one that can help me identify my mood cycles and triggers. Thanks!

#BipolarDisorder #moodtracking

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How do you track your mood? #CheckInWithMe

I actually am (almost) finished with it! I was originally going to make a mood scarf, tracking my mood for the entirety of Mental Health Awareness Month but I realized about halfway through it wasn’t going to be long enough to be a scarf. Rather than scrap the idea completely, I am reworking it to be a wall hanging! This is the (almost) finished project. I just need to weave in the ends, make some tassels for the bottom and figure out how I’m going to hang it on my wall.

I want to know how you track your mood. It could be writing down your main emotions each day, using a bullet journal template or something like what I did and crafting a mood scarf/blanket/wall hanging. I think next time I might try a granny square blanket mood tracker, if I am feeling ambitious.

Let me know how you keep track in the comments below!

#MentalHealth #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #Depression #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #crochet #mood #moodtracking #moodtracker #Emotions #CheerMeOn

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First time using a tracking app

I have just downloaded the Bearable app to track mood, activity, diet, and period symptoms. I've never done any kind of tracking before, but after reading the stories of a lot of Mighties over the past few months, I think it might be very revealing. This app seems to have the functionality and customizability that I want, so let's see how it goes!

#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #Period #moodtracking #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #takecontrol

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Best Mood Journal

I'm trying to make a mood chart with it also being a journal to track what might be going on in my life. I was thinking about adding a sleeping schedule since I've been struggling with sleep. I just trying to find patterns in what might be causing any mood changes. I also was thinking about adding a list of current medications to track those as well. When I start thinking about it all I start to get overwhelmed and not sure how/where to start. I'd prefer to have something lined however at this point I'm happy with anything. I would like to start January 1st to start a new year taking my health seriously!

Any ideas or thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

#Bipolar2Disorder #moodtracking #BulletJournals #Depression

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