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Quiz: What Dog Breed Best Describes Your Chronic Illness?

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For many of us with chronic illness, our furry companions comfort us through our darkest moments and make us laugh on our brightest days. Dogs are such a source of joy – and the amount of support they provide is immeasurable.

But have you ever stopped to think which breed would best represent your life with chronic illness?

It’s a silly question – but sometimes we need a little humor, fun and distraction on those tough days with chronic illness. (And who doesn’t want to look at pictures of cute dogs?!)

That’s why we created this quick, eight-question quiz. It’s not meant to be taken seriously; just have fun with it! You may find that more than one answer applies to your condition, and that’s totally OK. Just choose the answer you think best describes you and your chronic illness.

When you complete the quiz, you will receive a percentage ranging between 25-100%. If you score a lower percentage, don’t worry! There are no right answers in this quiz — the percentages don’t mean anything other than indicating which dog breed your illness most resembles. After finishing the quiz, scroll to the bottom to check out your results. Let us know what dog breed you got in the comments!

If you need to lean on a community that “gets it,” The Mighty family is here to offer you support and encouragement. Check out our #DistractMe page where other chronically ill folks share the distractions that help get them through difficult days (and share your own if you’re up for it!).

Now, onto the quiz!

Congratulations, your condition is like a pug! These charming and loving dogs are absolutely adorable (and oh so photogenic). Unfortunately, many pugs struggle with breathing problems because they are short-nosed and flat-faced – also known as brachycephalic. If you have an invisible illness, the pug’s plight may sound familiar, as their appearance is often considered before their health. Some people don’t realize it’s very possible to be sick – even if you’re sporting a smile, a new outfit and some puppy dog eyes.

Congratulations, your condition is like a basset hound! Living with chronic illness is exhausting, and no one understands the need for rest better than the basset hound. One of the most low-key dog breeds, you’ll likely find them sleeping in or spending the afternoon snoozing in the sun. The basset hound is a master of conserving energy, and when you have chronic fatigue, this becomes an incredibly important skill.

Congratulations, your condition is like a golden retriever! Truly man’s best friend, the golden retriever is one of the most loyal and devoted breeds. Like the golden retriever, your illness enthusiastically follows you everywhere, always remaining close by your side. It really puts the “chronic” in chronic illness, never giving you a day off or letting you out of its sight. Your illness has the energy and stamina of a golden retriever puppy, causing you to wonder if it will ever run out of steam and just let you rest.

Congratulations, your condition is like a Rottweiler! A Rottweiler is calm and confident but possesses great strength. Just as your chronic illness can be aggressive without proper treatment, a Rottweiler can be aggressive without proper training. In both cases, the “flare-ups” may be unpredictable and cause damage. Though the Rottie’s fierce and fighting side may be reflected in the nature of your illness, his strong and quiet side is reflected in your ability to navigate it.

What dog breed did you get? Let us know in the comments!

Originally published: July 8, 2019
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