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If Your Illness Makes Laundry a Struggle, These 15 Memes Are for You

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Let’s face it: whether you’re sick or healthy, laundry is the worst. There are so many steps involved – sorting, washing, drying, ironing, folding, putting it all away… and depending on your living situation, you may have to haul your laundry across multiple rooms, up and down stairs, or send it to a separate facility. You may also do laundry for multiple people besides yourself! Frankly, just thinking about the time and effort that goes into a single load of laundry is enough exertion for me for a day.

Keeping up with laundry can be exhausting even for folks who are in peak health. Toss health issues into the mix and it becomes a nearly insurmountable chore.

Maybe you have a chronic illness and struggle with just about every step of the laundry process due to pain, fatigue and other debilitating symptoms. Or maybe you’re facing mental health challenges and the thought of dealing with your laundry pile is just far too overwhelming. Maybe, if you’re like me, it’s a frustrating combination of both.

Watching your dirty laundry accumulate might not feel (or smell) great, but if you struggle to keep “that chair” or “that corner” free of clothes, know you are far from the only one. To remind you that we’re all together in this eternal struggle of laundry, we rounded up 15 memes that nail what this dreaded chore is like when you live with an illness or health condition. Hopefully, this list can bring a little humor to your day, and help you procrastinate on folding that basket of clothes for just a few more minutes.

1. Sorry, still in a flare-up. Better luck tomorrow?

my laundry, watching me walk past it yet another day without folding it. image of an old man holding a lantern
via @fateandfortune_ Instagram

2. You might need an 18-wheeler because with chronic pain, carrying a laundry basket is usually a no-go.

that feeling when you've ignored laundry for a week: image of 18-wheeler carrying what looks like a giant laundry basket on its bed
via @cynicalparent Instagram

3. Seriously, why does laundry involve so many steps?!

washing laundry - a must. drying - understandable. but putting it all away is simply taking things a bit too far.
via @hanmjonesx Instagram

4. At least when your laundry’s dirty, you can use it to wipe off the sweat… right?

meme of a man sweating and wiping his face with a towel. the caption reads: when you carry the laundry basket from the bedroom to the laundry room
via Imgflip

5. Depression fatigue + impulsive behavior = guess I’m making room for a second underwear drawer!

not sure if I should do more laundry... or buy more underwear
via @bellevuecoinlaundry Instagram

6. Good one, self!

when you keep saying you'll fold the laundry later... image of giant pile of clothing inside a fancy museum
via @the_laundry_page_italy Instagram

7. Nothing like laundry to remind you that you have the body of an 80-year-old!

meme of older woman holding her back in pain. the caption reads: when you've been folding laundry for 2 minutes
via Imgflip

8. Well, just maxed out my exercise limit for the year!

me after changing a duvet cover: kermit the frog with an oxygen mask over his face
via @scarymommy Instagram

9. Laundry is no match for fatigue.

left photo: pile of clothes on bed. right photo: pile of clothes pushed over to one side of the bed. the caption says: nice try, laundry. I'm still going to nap.
via janelane Imgur

10. Is scent-free laundry detergent really so much to ask for?

meme of woman squatting and squinting with a caption that reads: trying to find chemical-free laundry detergent
via Imgflip

11. Yeah, no, that was a joke.

cartoon of a woman. on the left she's holding a laundry basket and saying "I'm going to fold and put away all my laundry today!" on the right the caption says "me after folding one shirt" and the woman is sprawled on her bed next to the pile of clothes
via @kaydenhines Instagram

12. I mean, clothes and chronic pain don’t exactly mix anyway. It’s basically a win-win.

photo of a naked cat lying in bed with the caption: when all your clothes are in the laundry
via Imgflip

13. Ahh… weekend ambitions. A great concept for people without unpredictable symptoms.

comic of woman saying "I'll do the dishes this weekend... I'll pay the bills this weekend... I'll do the laundry this weekend..." then the weekend comes and she lies on the couch wrapped in a blanket and says "I am a human enchilada"
via Loryn Brantz

14. That 2 a.m. insomnia-fueled decision to just buy more underwear seemed really smart at the time…

woman crying with the caption: I have way too many pairs of underwear because I have been consistently avoiding doing laundry by buying new ones
via Quickmeme

15. Just finished a load of laundry? Time to start conserving energy for the next one!

don't you just love those 12 seconds when all the laundry is done
via @getmamabearstrong Instagram

Do you struggle with laundry? We’ve got you covered. Check out the following tips and tricks from our Mighty community:

Originally published: July 25, 2019
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