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7 Work-From-Home Jobs Hiring This February

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Well, we’ve made it one month into 2021. Phew. January was a wild month and if you’re like me, you may be walking into February feeling extra exhausted. Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed like this, I try to remind myself of the self-care basics: (1) get enough sleep, (2) eat a balanced diet, (3) maintain a healthy support network, and (4) exercise.

For a long time, I thought self-care was just something that influencers blabbed about on social media. Being chronically ill, I’ve spent countless hours organizing medicine, taking medicine and sleeping. I always thought that taking care of my illness was self-care, until 2020 happened.

Last year was stressful, trying and even tragic for people across the globe. Not only was I balancing outside stressors, but I was also trying to get my business off the ground during a recession. I would spend night after night staring at the ceiling, worrying about anything and everything. I was gaining weight and feeling completely out of whack.

I came across an article written by a fellow contributor of The Mighty called “How Parents of Kids with Disabilities Can Practice Self- Care During COVID-19.” No, I’m not a parent, but this article sparked something inside of me. I realized that all this time I was focusing on my illness, but not on my overall well-being.

My realization was that in order for me to be a successful boss, partner, daughter, friend, etc., I need to practice self-care. This doesn’t mean I need to get massages or use exotic face masks every night, but rather, I need to invest in my mental and physical state. So, I’ve gone back to the basics. Here’s my self- care routine that I’ve been practicing successfully for the past few months:

  • Get enough sleep: Each night I aim for 8 hours of sleep. Tired during the day? I take a quick nap and get back to work.
  • Eat a balanced diet: I try to make sure that I’m adding veggies to my meals, even if I have to hide them. I also make an effort to drink 64 ounces of water each day.
  • Maintain a healthy support network: Quarantine is hard and I often find myself craving social interaction. I’ve said goodbye to Zoom happy hours and replaced them with calling one positive friend a day. In the past few months, I’ve made deeper connections with my friends — across the globe.
  • Exercise: I’m the last person you’d ever see at a gym. Exercise doesn’t have to mean lifting weights or running a 5K before work. I’ve been walking every day, aiming for 10,000 steps per day. Getting fresh air and moving has done wonders for my mental health.

I am by no means an expert in self-care, but I wanted to share these simple practices that I’ve implemented into my life this year. It’s hard to manage work, an illness, relationships, and your overall well-being, but finding the right balance has been key for me during this wild year.

If you are new to these monthly articles and wondering why I’m writing about all of this, my name is Hannah Olson and I’m the founder of Chronically Capable, a digital talent marketplace and community that connects chronically ill + disabled jobseekers to flexible job opportunities. We have always believed in the importance of creating space for the chronically ill and disabled to work and excel at their jobs without feeling like they have to sacrifice their health. Now, we’re working on getting employers across the globe to join us in actively supporting our community!

If you want to keep up with our work and our job opportunities, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or check out our Instagram to stay updated! On that note, I’d love to share seven remote work opportunities available this February. 

1. BallotReady

Prior to 2016, I didn’t have much knowledge about the importance of voting. Now, I’m a very active voter, so this company is right up my alley. BallotReady is a startup that creates digital nonpartisan voter guides and builds tools to help advocacy groups, nonprofits and companies inform and mobilize voters. The company also offers great benefits including company equity, health care, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, unlimited time off, paid/flexible parental leave and more.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote BallotReady Jobs:

Visit BallotReady’s employer profile on Chronically Capable to view its (flexible) open positions or check out the company’s career page. 

2. SmartLogic

As an inclusive employer on Chronically Capable, I can say first-hand that SmartLogic cares about its employees’ well-being. With an HQ in Baltimore, SmartLogic is a custom web and mobile software development consulting company that offers the option to work from home. It also offers flexible hours, professional development opportunities, and great benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation, paid parental leave, and more.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote SmartLogic Jobs:

Visit SmartLogic’s employer page on Chronically Capable or check out the company’s career page to view other open roles.

3. SafeGraph

Data nerds — look no further. SafeGraph wants to provide businesses the data they need to grow and make it accessible for all. See that? Accessibility! This 100% remote company has amazing benefits including a variety of health, dental and vision plans, unlimited vacation days, access to the Headspace app, office stipends, and more. I’m calling SafeGraph the company of the future.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote SafeGraph Jobs:

To view more openings, visit the company’s careers page.

4. A Cloud Guru

I rely on “the cloud” for literally everything. Based in Austin, Texas, ACG is the largest online cloud school on the planet, giving people the skills they need to move up in their careers. Not only does the company offer comprehensive health care benefits, but its added benefits are simply amazing, including: gender-neutral parental leave, $1,000 continuing education budget, home office and monthly internet stipend, and extensive PTO and sick leave.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote A Cloud Guru Jobs:

Visit the company’s employer profile on Chronically Capable to explore opportunities.

5. Prezly

Many of us in the chronic illness and disability community are storytellers. I’m not biased, but we do have the best stories to tell. If you’re one of these master storytellers, Prezly may just be your next favorite remote company. Prezly builds state-of-the-art storytelling tools for brands. The team is fully remote, spread across 15 different cities around the world, with an HQ in Belgium. So if you like waffles, maybe a trip to the HQ is in your post pandemic future? Benefits include unlimited vacation time, an office budget, flexible hours and more.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Prezly Jobs:

Visit the company’s career page to explore their remote opportunities.

6. Lime

Who here has ridden an electric scooter? When I was living in Washington, D.C., Lime scooters were my method of transportation. Lime is quite literally reinventing transportation and helping people get where they need to go quicker, easier and more affordably. While the company has locations all over the world and many jobs are city-specific, Lime also has tons of remote job opportunities. It doesn’t list the specifics regarding employee benefits, but Lime’s job listings state it offers comprehensive salary and benefits. If I find out more info, I’ll be sure to update this post.

The Details:

How To Find Other Lime Jobs:

Visit Lime’s career page to explore remote and location-specific opportunities across the globe.


Prior to binge watching “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix, I didn’t know anything about chess besides that it was a long and challenging game. The show inspired me to get a chess board, and I’ve been reading up on about tips and tricks from other chess enthusiasts. So, all of you passionate chess lovers will love this company. Not only would you have the opportunity to surround yourself with other chess enthusiasts, but you’d get to work for a 100% remote global company. At this time, I don’t see any information regarding compensation and benefits.

The Details:

How To Find Other Remote Jobs:

Visit’s career page and pick an opening that catches your eye — all jobs can be done remotely.

Want to learn more about Chronically Capable? Sign up and see what other job opportunities are available through its website.

Photo by XPS on Unsplash

Originally published: February 2, 2021
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