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School trouble

I'm Stuffed animal lover; my parents don't let me use my real name, (she/her). How do you get your school to actually give you the accommodations that you need if you don't have an official plan and can't get one yet? I need an elevator pass, the ability to type my notes and all my assignments, the ability to leave class if I'm overstimulated even if the pass is out, alternate testing days if needed, homework extensions, and the ability to not get penalized for missing school for appointments and bad flare days. My academic advisor is trying to help me with some of these things but my school doesn't always listen to her. Anything accommodation-wise in my school has to go through my principal who has a bad track record with this. I go to a private school with a dual curriculum and public school isn't an option. Have any of you guys had to deal with this type of thing? I would love some advice. Thank you!



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We are so happy to have you. I’m the creator of the community, and I have struggled with ME/CFS for about 8 months now. It has impacted my entire life and I joined The Mighty only a few days ago. I was surprised to find no community’s curated specifically for Teens like us. I hope this group is everything your looking for and please, if you’ve any questions or thoughts, we would love to hear them😊 #teens