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Book Bans

Yes! This cartoon came from the Instagram site of Viola Davis♥️It’s pertainient to what’s going on in our society today. I like the way it’s stated, and so I decided to share it in #TheMighty #Book #Bookbans #Abuse #Children #Pre -teens #teens #ChildAbuse #Protect #EDUCATE #PTSD

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This is the message I had from my girlfriend this morning. I don't know what to do...I need some advice! I've been crying for a few hrs. Can you help?

" hey.. i understand if you want to brake up.. I 100% do.. my moms probably taking my phone for good and hopefully she dont see these texts.. but I love you I really do and i wish that my mom could see that.. but she called me a whore and accused me of doing horrible things that made me want to cry.. now my phone is gone and I cant text anybody.. and if you want ill wait for you

I will

until we can talk again

but this also isnt fair for you..

and now that i think about it... it makes me feel bad..

so maybe we should brake it off until i get my phone back..

it hurts but it will hurt more if we are in a relationship and cant talk for possibly years..

how about you wait for me to text you tomorrow and we can try to talk about it.....

I love you "

#lost #help #helpme #Depression #Anxiety #queer #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #LGBTQAI #Advice #teens #Bipolar #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD

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School trouble

I'm Stuffed animal lover; my parents don't let me use my real name, (she/her). How do you get your school to actually give you the accommodations that you need if you don't have an official plan and can't get one yet? I need an elevator pass, the ability to type my notes and all my assignments, the ability to leave class if I'm overstimulated even if the pass is out, alternate testing days if needed, homework extensions, and the ability to not get penalized for missing school for appointments and bad flare days. My academic advisor is trying to help me with some of these things but my school doesn't always listen to her. Anything accommodation-wise in my school has to go through my principal who has a bad track record with this. I go to a private school with a dual curriculum and public school isn't an option. Have any of you guys had to deal with this type of thing? I would love some advice. Thank you!



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We are so happy to have you. I’m the creator of the community, and I have struggled with ME/CFS for about 8 months now. It has impacted my entire life and I joined The Mighty only a few days ago. I was surprised to find no community’s curated specifically for Teens like us. I hope this group is everything your looking for and please, if you’ve any questions or thoughts, we would love to hear them😊 #teens


Depression #teens

My 17yrs old is so depressed, lethargic....
It kills me watching him shutting down, it's just too hard.


The Morning My Boy Woke up a Man #Parenting #teens

There comes a day when you wake up and realize that so many years have gone by. So many memories have been made and you wonder where it all went.

Today was one of those days. I woke up feeling refreshed and came to the kitchen to pour a hot cup of java and get ready to start another day. Today was no different than any other day just another Wednesday in the books. As I stood in the kitchen making lunches my son walked into the room. I looked at him and realized that a man stood in front of me today. No longer a little boy, I realized that I had done an amazing job with this human.

However, a deep sense of longing for my little boy came over me. Where had the time gone? Gone were the days of tiny toes, excitement over Santa Clause and snuggles in bed. Now our conversations were deep, real, and sometimes very raw. Other times our conversations were still very immature and there were jokes about farts and other very silly and sometimes gross things lol.

My little boy was becoming a man. He was experiencing firsts that no longer included me. First kiss, first smoke, first drink…whatever it was I was not included anymore. He was now standing on his own two feet ready to experience the world and ready to find out who he was supposed to become.

As a Mother this brought on conflicting emotions. A deep sense of pride for the person he was. The bond we had created and the life I knew he was going to have. On the other side loneliness, sadness and wishing that time could at least slow down a little. Just one more sleep over. Just one more Santa wish list. I would cherish it more this time. Id be more present this time around because I knew that it was going to end. Id stop wishing this time away. Id be fully present this time. I promise if I could just have one littler boy moment.

The truth of the matter is our littles will grow. The time is going to pass regardless of how we spend it. There will be a day when they look and feel different than they did just the day before. When the conversations will change, and you will need to find new ways to connect. What will it look like then?

My gift for you today is hope. To share with you that even though that time with your little was beautiful and precious I can guarantee you that your time with this new older version is equally amazing. Allow yourself to be open to receiving guidance on how to navigate this new world together. Rely on the foundation you built for all these years and re learn this amazing new human. Celebrate all their firsts even if they don’t always include you anymore. Be the rock and that your child needs and the lighthouse that guides them home.

This transition is beautiful if you let it be. This new version of your child is MAGIC. Relish in a job well done and sit in the comfort of knowing that this new season is going to be amazing.

Gillian Sprovieri



Has anyone ever heard of this? I stumbled on it today when looking for a new residential facility for my teen....

Rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD) is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception, not necessarily the reality, that a person has been rejected, teased, or criticized by important people in their life. RSD may also be triggered by a sense of failure, or falling short, failing to meet either their own high standards or others’ expectations. When this emotional response is internalized, it can imitate full, major depression complete with suicidal ideation. The sudden change from feeling perfectly fine to feeling depressed that results from RSD is often misdiagnosed as rapid cycling bipolar disorder. When this emotional response is externalized, it looks like an impressive, instantaneous rage at the person or situation responsible for causing the pain. #MentalHealth #RSD #teens #familiesinrecovery