× " Sooo When I Was A Kid I Was Forced To Eat Huge Plate's.. Of Food.. Soo That's Where My #Anorexia Began.. My Mother Would Alway's Over Served Plates Of Food... So I Didn't Like Being Called.. #fat #Chunky .. Etc.. Plus It's Also Where I Was Developing My #Anxiety #Depression ... I Wouldn't Eat Much And Would Make Myself Puke Until I Ended Up In The ER One Night... I'm Happy To Say That I'm Somewhat Free... From This Even Though Now I Litterly Watch My Weight And How Much I Eat Sadly... But I'm Happy At My Current Weight.. And As For My Look's I Have Never Considered Myself As A Beautiful Person... I Hate When Men Tell Me That I'm Beautiful To Them... Because In My Mind I'm Translating That They Just Want To Sleep With Me... And Try Not To Get To Know Me Kinda Thing... I Look Like I'm Alway's Pissed Off And The Truth Is That It's Not True... My Sleep Deprived And In Pain That's All... But I'm Also A Work In Progress... " × Sincerly, ☆ S.K. ☆ #Openingup