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    × " Soooo Let Me Explain Why I Have Alway's Had Issue's With My Look's & Body Image " × #Openingup

    × " Sooo When I Was A Kid I Was Forced To Eat Huge Plate's.. Of Food.. Soo That's Where My #Anorexia Began.. My Mother Would Alway's Over Served Plates Of Food... So I Didn't Like Being Called.. #fat #Chunky .. Etc.. Plus It's Also Where I Was Developing My #Anxiety #Depression ... I Wouldn't Eat Much And Would Make Myself Puke Until I Ended Up In The ER One Night... I'm Happy To Say That I'm Somewhat Free... From This Even Though Now I Litterly Watch My Weight And How Much I Eat Sadly... But I'm Happy At My Current Weight.. And As For My Look's I Have Never Considered Myself As A Beautiful Person... I Hate When Men Tell Me That I'm Beautiful To Them... Because In My Mind I'm Translating That They Just Want To Sleep With Me... And Try Not To Get To Know Me Kinda Thing... I Look Like I'm Alway's Pissed Off And The Truth Is That It's Not True... My Sleep Deprived And In Pain That's All... But I'm Also A Work In Progress... " × Sincerly, ☆ S.K. ☆ #Openingup

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    #depressed pet lover feeling sorry for herself - #Pets #Falling #Injury #Pain #Grief #MedicalMarijuana

    I'm #fat . I'm also very unsteady; I have spatial equilibrium issues and my ankles roll inward when I walk/stand and are bad at maintaining my balance. I guess it's not surprising that, when attempting to bring boxes indoors, I tripped (wearing sandals, catching on the door frame) and flew headfirst into the entryway wall, my chest hitting more boxes, ending up on my butt. What may be a simple fall for some people isn't so simple for me. As much as that hurt, what hurt even worse was trying to stand back up by putting my weight on one of my knees. That knee is now having nerve spasms and is sensitive to the touch. It's red and hot and the skin feels electric, in the worst way. I may have septic bursitis, but I may not know until I get in to see a doctor, an impossibility this week, the week we will have to put down our dog.

    The only thing that's helped this lingering, frequent pain was medical marijuana, but I can't keep popping gummies, wasting the day. (If it kills pain, it "kills" my brain. I haven't found a variety that helps numb the pain without numbing my brain and making things fuzzy.)

    We said goodbye to our most beloved cat around two months ago. Mourning is now my modus operandi. I know little else. If it's not painful, how do I even know if I'm awake?


    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Celisa. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story. #fat #queer #ChronicPain











    lonely, fat and depressed

    loneliness and depression has caused me to just eat and crave sweets. when im really deep in depression i cant get out of bed. i dont like exercising at all. so im stuck. fat, sad, ugly and alone. at least my furbabies love me. dont know what id do without them. #lonely #fat #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ugly


    Struggling #Depression #Anxiety #bodydismorphia #fat #lonely

    #Depression #Anxiety #bodydismorphia #fat #lonely

    The feelings are all consuming, I'm lonely, im depressed, im fat, im depressed because of chronic pain and it makes me fat , i want to exercise but its painful. I wanna scream, i wanna cry instead I just curl up into a ball and try to shut everything out.


    My strategy to sleep at night is to eat tons of carbs at night in order to raise my blood sugar which makes me sleepy. As a type2 diabetic this stat

    Is killing me. I live alone, am73 ,lonely, very depressed no family few friends. So what?! #fat lady

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    Obesity & Cancer #Obesity

    The link between obesity and cancer risk is clear. Research shows that excess body fat increases your risk for several cancers. Visit (https://jetmedicaltourism.com/obesity-and-cancer/) to learn more about the link between obesity and cancer #WeightLoss #obese #healthlifestyle #fat #fatloss



    #fat ..I have been on Medication for 17yrs..75mg quitapine..200mg #lustral ..15mg diaz..120mg #Propranolol ..
    10mg #zolpidem .500mg #naproxen and 30mg #lansoprazole daily..I used to be 9 stone and now I'm 15 stone. I eat as #Healthy as possible but due to #Fibromyalgia and #Osteoporosis I can't #Exercise much..I hate my fat disgusting body..Does anyone feel the same as me and #how #how can I lose #weight ...Please #help


    I am tired of my husband belittling me... What can help?

    He is always being mean to me and my appearance. Is that wrong? #ugly #fat #stupid #CSection

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    #depressed #stressed #fat

    Tonight I can’t stop eating. I don’t know what to do. I’m almost sick but I’m making another snack. I feel so out of control.