I have tried lots of things,lots of courses. But being consistent is not so easy for me.i cant tske pressure. I cant take challenges.i cant take stress.whatever it is if i dont find my #comfortness i just give up
Might be it could be sound like worthless or looser,but when i see people dont care about others emotions or people are not understanding, then i think if they think they are right then why dont i think like that too.
Every time i start to think about career change or start up a new thing that interests me most i am very much optimistic i can do it!!!!
But at some point in the middle of the course if any thing happens like personal life problem,over work load,over stress it hits me really bad.
I start to think,i should not have taken the course at first place.i start to break inside.i cant take changes.
I get overly deepressed.my surroundings start to bite me.
All i want to do is stay at home,make tea and watch movie or netflix,doing house chores... I just want to enjoy my life like that.
I get criticism a lot from my parents,relative or friends.they push me,advice me,suggest me do this do that....but i know how much hollowness inside me just keep me in my bubble...