I'm reading an amazing book at the moment called "The Best of You" by Alison Cook. She makes this point that seems to obvious - but I think we're so bad at in our Christian communities!

I know that for many years I was a huge people pleaser. And I heard plenty of messages giving theological justification for being a people pleaser - how we should put other people's needs above our own, seek to be servant-hearted etc. The problem was that somewhere along the way, I lost touch with what my own needs were. I lost my sense of self.

I love the way Alison Cook explains that Jesus could only make the world-changing sacrifice that He did because He had a very strong sense of self, He knew His purpose and never sought to please other people. #PeoplePleaser #christianmentalhealth #churchmentalhealth #Sacrifice #Grace #compassionatechristianity